P7 Prefects

At Hermitage Park Primary School we strive to prepare children with the skills required to become effective contributors, responsible citizens, successful learners and confident individuals. Children require to develop appropriate skills for work and life. We need to ensure that all children are safe, healthy, achieving, nurtured, active, responsible, respected and included in all that they do, and that they understand the importance of these wellbeing indicators in helping them to develop as fully rounded individuals.

Children in primary 7 have experienced a wealth of opportunities to help them to develop these skills and we feel it is important that they are given the opportunity to put these into practice by taking responsibility for supporting their peers and helping with the smooth running of the school. We have therefore developed ‘Primary 7 Prefects’ to give them these opportunities.

All primary 7 children are given equal opportunity to become prefects by applying should they wish to. A very clear induction programme takes place to ensure that all candidates are aware of the qualities and skills required to fulfil this role and should they wish to continue they are asked to sign a ‘Prefect Charter’ which highlights expectations for all.

Prefects will carry out a range of duties on a rota basis and will be expected to be a good role-model to peers at all times. Should they find this difficult, support and guidance will be given however if they continue to find the expectations challenging clear guidelines will be followed

Prefect Charter

As a Primary 7 Prefect at Hermitage Park Primary School, I will endeavour to:

  • Be a confident leader who is respectful to adults and other pupils.
  • Be honest, kind and fair.
  • Be a good role model with regards to learning both in and outside of school.
  • Be committed and carry out my duties responsibly.
  • Demonstrate courage when facing the challenges that come with being a prefect.

Follow the rules and values of the school, helping others to do so.

Primary 7 Prefects – Range of Duties

Depending upon how many prefects are in post, not all pupils will have duties each week. These will be allocated on a weekly basis using a rota system.

  • Morning Helpers
  • Upper Playground Duty
  • Toilet Corridor Duty
  • Dinner Hall Duty
  • Infant Playground Duty
Morning Helpers (8 Prefects)
  • Report to class teachers at 8.30am and help them set up the classrooms for children
Upper Playground Duty (4 Prefects)
  • Help the PSAs in the playground
  • Help the other children to play games properly
  • Help children who are hurt and take them to first aid
  • Report any major problems that you see to the PSAs
Toilet Corridor Duty (2 Prefects)
  • Make sure that people are not messing about in the toilets or the toilet corridor
  • Make sure that no-one is going back into the school from the toilet corridor
  • Report any major problems that you see to the PSAs
Dinner Hall Duty (4 Prefects)
In the dining hall (2 prefects)

  • Help the adults in the dining hall
  • Make sure rubbish is going into the correct bin and not on the floor
  • Make sure that food is not going on the floor around the bin
  • Collect trays
  • Make sure all children are putting their lunch bags in the correct box

At the exit door (2 prefects)

  • Monitor the exit door to make sure that no-one is using it as an entrance.
Infant Playground Duty (4 Prefects)
  • Help the PSAs in the playground
  • Help the other children to play games properly
  • Help children who are hurt and take them to first aid
  • Report any problems that you see to the PSAs

Guidelines for Prefect Support

It is expected that most children will be able to undertake the duties of Primary 7 Prefect with confidence, demonstrating the skills and qualities required to be a positive role-model for all (as outlined in the Primary 7 Prefect Charter). On occasion, however some children may find this challenging and therefore these guidelines are in place to support individuals where they struggle to make good choices with regards to their behaviour.

  • Discussion of incident with a member of the senior management team.
  • (Where appropriate) Further training and support given.
  • Should this not have the desired impact a concern will be raised and parents/ carers informed.
  • Training and support will be given
  • Further breaches to charter will result in a final concern being raised and discussed with parents/ carers. Prefects in this position will be asked to sign a contract highlighting how their behaviours will improve.
  • Further training and support given.

Further breaches will result in the Prefect position being withdrawn. Parents/ carers will be informed.