Our School

Head Teacher                       Denise Penman

Depute Head Teacher         Penny Browning

Principal Teacher                Ross Hutcheson

Principal Teacher                 Claire Young

Address                               9 Hermitage Park, Edinburgh EH6 8HD

Telephone Number             0131 554 2952

Website                              http://www.hermitageparkprimary.com

E-mail Address               admin@hermitagepark.edin.sch.uk

Vision and Values
We will endeavour to create an educational environment of the highest quality where children feel happy and secure and which:

  • Provides children with the necessary skills for life: Wisdom, Justice, Compassion and Integrity
  • Values and respects each individual
  • Promotes co-operation and mutual support amongst pupils,  parents and staff

Hermitage Park Primary has served the Leith community since it opened in 1910.

High quality learning and teaching opportunities for all of our pupils, are offered by a hard-working and caring staff.

We have an active School Council which ably supports school life.

Our school committees; the Pupil Council, Eco Committee and Peace and Justice Group, afford our children many opportunities to have their voice heard and make a difference.

We follow the Curriculum for Excellence.  For more information on the Curriculum please follow this link: