Numeracy & Mathematics Glossary


This glossary has been developed for parents and carers of children and young people in the broad general education in Scottish schools. This includes nursery through to 4th year in secondary schools. It provides clear definitions of some of the commonly used terms in numeracy and mathematics. The glossary may also be useful to any others who have an interest in the learning and teaching of numeracy and mathematics, including teachers and learners.

The glossary has been divided into the 15 ‘organisers’ within the numeracy and mathematics curriculum. To find out more about each organiser, and how it relates to real life contexts, read the document below:


Importance of Numeracy & Mathematics

Angles, Symmetry & Transformation

Data Analysis

Estimation & Rounding

Expressions & Equations

Fractions, Decimal Fractions & Percentages

Ideas of Chance & Uncertainty

Mathematics – Its impact on the world past, present & future



Multiples, Factors & Primes

Number & Number Processes

Patterns & Relationships

Powers & Roots

Properties of 2D shapes & 3D objects