Virtual Sports Day Info & Mrs Leggatt’s Fitness Challenges

Virtual Sports Day

This year we are going to be holding a Virtual Sports Day.  Please click on the links below for further information on tasks to be completed and how to let us know your scores.  Good luck!

Hermitage Park PS VSD instructions

Virtual olympics 2020 Early level and P2 Hermitage

Virtual olympics 2020 First and Second level Hermitage

HPPS P7 baton relay info


Ideas for developing your athletics skills.

Yellow cards are for Early to First level. Yellow and Red for the second level.

These cards show a variety of different physical skills that pupils should be able to demonstrate with control, fluency and improving accuracy. Once you are have achieved a good performance on each activity can you adapt it to make it harder or are you able to combine two of the skills? Good luck!

Ms Leggatt


First level throws matrix

Easter fitness

couch to 5k