Medical Forms and Information

If your child will require medication to be administered at school please follow the guidelines below when handing medication into the office:

Prescription Medication (including inhalers)

1. Medication needs to be supplied to the school in the original container dispensed by the chemist, clearly labelled with the pupil’s name, date of birth, and dose to be given
2. For short-term prescribed medication “Form 2/Request for school to issue short-term prescribed medication” must be completed
3. For long-term prescribed medication “Form 3/Request for school to issue long-term prescribed medication” or “Form 4: Request for school to issue long-term ‘as required’ prescribed medication in school” must be completed
4. In the case of inhalers, please ensure that the school is provided with 2 inhalers; one for the office, and one for your child’s classroom

Non-Prescription Medication

1. Medication needs to be supplied in its original box including all enclosed information leaflets and dosing spoons etc
2. Form 1/Request for school to issue non-prescribed medication must be completed.
3. In the case of liquid medication such as liquid paracetamol and liquid antihistamine please provide the school with a new unopened bottle for the start of term.

All medication must be collected by the end of the school year and brought back at the beginning of the next session – with the correct forms.


Form 1 – Non-prescribed Medication

Form 2 – Short-term Prescribed Medication

Form 3 – Long-term Prescribed Medication

Form 4 – Long-term as Required Prescribed Medication