Learning Log P6a – 3rd November

What is going well in P6a?

Scottish Opera – Tam O’Shanter – we did not have a lot of time to rehearse our moves and actions but we did very well even though it was challenge. It was fun. We had to sing, dance and act. The people who came in from Scottish Opera were really nice and enthusiastic. We could not have done it without them. The parents/families really enjoyed it.
Buddies – the first time it was quite awkward but now we’ve got to know them better it’s fun. We done emotions talks together and we had to help them to explain their feelings and draw them.
Halloween epitaphs – we were writing little, funny rhymes to go on gravestones for Halloween.
PE – the football games/drills were quite fun. They were run by Aiden, Scott and Sam.
IDL, The Solar System – we are able to name the planets and put them in order from the Sun. We have to do research on the different planets using ipads, computers and books. We have to use more than one source for our information and make notes.
Reading Comprehension – the work is interesting, finding out about different topics like Walt Disney, Antarctica and football. We are extending our knowledge through reading about different things and finding information from different texts.

by Alasdair, Taba & Arnold