Terms of Use

In order to use Learning Journals, you will need to create your own login details by providing us with your email address – you will then receive an email from Learning Journals with instructions on how to create a username and password. We will be launching Learning Journals at the beginning of February, so please look out for more information.

By signing up to Learning Journals you are agreeing to the terms and conditions listed below and have made yourself aware of the relevant security information.


By signing up you are:

  • giving permission for photographs of my child to be uploaded to Learning Journals platform.
  • giving permission for my child’s photograph to be included in group images which may be shared on other pupils’ Learning Journals.
  • agreeing that you will not give anyone access to your child’s learning journal or the images available.

Please read the following security information:

  • Only you and relevant school staff (teachers and management team) can access your child’s profile using a unique username as well as a password and PIN that you create. Please do not share this information with others.
  • Any data collected within the profile, including photos, are for personal use only and should not be published out with Learning Journals.
  • All personal data, including photographs, email addresses and information about your child’s progress are stored securely, within the EU.
  • Data will be retained for the time your child is a pupil at the school. If/when your child leaves the school for any reason all data will be deleted as part of the leaving procedures by administration staff. If your child moves to a school which also uses Learning Journals their profile will be temporarily archived by Learning Journals and made available once your child starts at the new school.