January to June 2017

For term dates please visit http://www.edinburgh.gov.uk/termdates




9th                                          Primary 1a class assembly – parents invited (9.50am)

10th                                        Primary 4a class assembly – parents invited (10.45am)

22nd                                       Primary 4b trip to Lochend Park (1.45pm – 2.45pm)


3rd                                          Primary 6b class assembly – parents invited (10.45am)

6th  – 10th                             P6 Lockerbie Manor Residential Trip

14th                                         Primary 2b class assembly PM – parents invited (2.30pm)

17th                                         Primary 3b class assembly – parents invited (10.45am)

20th                                       P6b Edinburgh Zoo

24th                                       Primary 4b class assembly – parents invited (10.45 am)

28th                                       P4a Holyrood Park

28th                                       P5a and P5b The Filmhouse

29th                                       Edinburgh Primary Schools Swim Relay and Dive Gala

(selected P6 and P7 students)

31st                                         Religious Observance – Easter Celebration

31st                                        Non School Uniform Day


24th                                       P4b Holyrood Park

25th                                       P6 & P7’s Alcohol Awareness at Hibs Football Club


2nd                                        P6 & P7’s Alcohol Awareness at Hibs Football Club

9th                                         P1’s Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh

9th                                         P6 & P7’s Alcohol Awareness at Hibs Football Club

11th                                         Primary 1b class assembly – parents invited (2.30pm)

16th                                       P6 & P7’s Alcohol Awareness at Hibs Football Club

18th                                        P1’s Leith Academy to see Drama Performance

19th                                        P3a class assembly – parents invited (10.45am)

23rd                                      P6 & P7’s Alcohol Awareness at Hibs Football Club

24th                                      P7B The Hub

25th                                      P2’s to Gorgie City Farm

26th                                       Non School Uniform Day

29th                                      Selection of P6 and P7 to attend Interscholastics

30th                                      P6 & P7’s Alcohol Awareness at Hibs Football Club

30th                                       P5’s City Chambers

30th                                       P7b Scottish Parliament

31st                                        P7a City Chambers Scottish Parliament



5th                                       Nursery Forest School Summer Trip

6th                                        P6 & P7’s Alcohol Awareness at Hibs Football Club

6th                                       Open Afternoon 2.15pm – 3.15pm

7th                                       P1 Transition Lunch

7th                                        P4 – P7 Sports Day

7th                                       Nursery Forest School Summer Trip

13th                                     P6 & P7’s Alcohol Awareness at Hibs Football Club

13th                                     P1 Transition Lunch

15th                                     P1 Induction Day

15th                                     P1 Meet The Teacher

14th                                       P1 – P3 Sports Day

20th – 22nd                         P7 Transition

20th                                     P1 Transition Lunch

20th                                      Nursery Garden Party

21st                                       Nursery Garden Party

23rd                                      Religious Observance

26th                                      House Trip

28th                                       P7 Show – parents invited (1.30pm)

29th                                       P7 Leavers Dance

30th                                      Nursery End of Year Party

30th                                       Non School Uniform Day