Health & Wellbeing

Learning in health and wellbeing ensures that children and young people develop the knowledge and understanding, skills, capabilities and attributes; which they need for mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing now and in the future. Learning through health and wellbeing enables children and young people to:

  • Make informed decisions in order to improve their mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing
  • Experience challenge and enjoyment
  • Experience positive aspects of healthy living and activity for themselves
  • Apply their mental, emotional, social and physical skills to pursue a healthy lifestyle
  • Make a successful move to the next stage of education or work
  • Establish a pattern of health and wellbeing which will be sustained into adult life, and which will help to promote the health and wellbeing of the next generation of Scottish children.

The experiences and outcomes in health and wellbeing reflect an holistic approach to promoting health and wellbeing of all children and young people. They are consistent with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which sets out the right for all children and young people to have access to appropriate health services and to have their health and wellbeing promoted.

The experiences and outcomes are structured into the following organisers:

  • Mental, emotional, social and physical wellbeing
  • Planning for choices and changes
  • Physical education, physical activity and sport
  • Food and health
  • Substance misuse
  • Relationships, sexual health and parenthood

Children are entitled to two hours of physical education every week. Most children will have weekly P.E. lessons with our specialist teacher and also another lessons with their class teacher. Children are asked to have a t-shirt, shorts and gym shoes to change into at school every day.

P4-5 pupils go to Abbeyhill Swimming Pool for swimming lessons. We invite a number of Sports Development Officers into school each year. Last year, for instance, P4- P7 pupils enjoyed rugby. We work closely with our Active Schools coordinator.

The benefits of healthy foods and balanced diets are emphasised and provision of a healthy snack and lunchbox is encouraged!

Currently Edinburgh City Council are updating the Relationship, Sexual Health and Parenthood programme. Once this has been released a parent information evening will be held.