We are aware a lot of information has been sent out regarding Covid-19, and as it is being updated regularly it is difficult to keep track. Therefore we have gathered everything in one place, which we will update as and when we have new information. We have also provided links to certain websites which you may find useful.


Latest information from the NHS

Latest information from Edinburgh Council

Information from Young Scots – may help children understand what is going on.

Information Given out by the School

Updated Documentation – 26.03.20

COVID19 advice for-parents and carers – Updated 20.3

Coping with Covid isolation for children with Additional Support Needs

Email Sent 20/03/2020

Please see files at the bottom of this post for Council guidance on Teaching and Learning during school closures.  We have also attached a guide for parents of pupils with additional needs.

Further guidance will be given from the Council on arrangements for pupils with parents who have been designated key workers (please do not contact the school with queries regarding this as we have no further information than that contained in the attached documents).

See below for a message from Ms Calder-Kelly regarding specific home learning arrangements at Hermitage Park.

Home Learning During our School Closure

Dear Parent/Carer

As you are aware we sent home a pack of home learning activities to keep your child going during the first few days of school closure.  From Wednesday of next week you will find a range of home learning on our school website.

Weekly Home Learning Tasks

Weekly learning tasks will be uploaded by WEDNESDAY of each week of school closure.  You will also find a range of helpful websites which can be used to enhance your child’s weekly learning.

Some of the learning tasks will involve logging on to your child’s ‘Learning Journal’ account to access additional explanations of tasks and resources for support.  Please email the school office on if you have difficulties logging on or need your password to be reset.

Questions about Learning

If you have specific questions about learning we will do our best to answer them remotely.  You can email us on the admin address or direct message the school on Twitter (@hemitageparkps)

Sharing Learning with your Child’s Class Teacher

We are encouraging families to upload an example of something they have achieved in their home learning each week on to your child’s ‘Learning Journal’. Please click on the blue button ‘Achievements from Home’ on your child’s profile.

Weekly Whole School Challenge

I will be setting a whole school challenge every WEDNESDAY on Twitter @hermitageparkps

We would love as many children as possible to take part and share their work on twitter with the whole school community.

Reducing Children’s Anxiety

Your child will be feeling very anxious and scared.  Some things that will help include –

  • Keeping a routine (even when self-isolating).  Try and keep wake up times, meal times, relaxation time and learning time as regular as possible.
  • Learning at home with a parent/relative may feel much more intense for your child than at school.  As such, chunk learning time into shorter times with breaks for relaxation.
  • Try and get outside every day for a walk, play and exercise (following national guidance on social distancing).
  • Try and limit screen time.  Most children will want to use screen time for learning, play and communicating with friends/relatives.  All of these are positive things to do but children also greatly benefit from being away from screens particularly for the hour prior to bedtime.
  • We have shared some social stories about Covid -19 with you on Twitter.  Use these to help you discuss any worries with your child/ren.  They will need reassurance and lots of hugs/elbow bumps!

I would like to thank my wonderful Hermie Team for being incredibly positive, resilient and caring in all that they have done over the past week.  I know that the Hermie community will persevere, remain strong and will work together to minimise the impact on our children’s lives.  Please take care of yourself and others. I look forward to welcoming the children back to school soon.


Edinburgh Learns Guidance for Parents and Carers

Information for Parents & Carers with Additional Support Needs

Cheif Education Officers Letter to Parents & Carers

Email Sent 18/03/2020

Following the announcement from the First Minister that schools will be closed from Friday your child will bring home a brief home learning pack today with the aim of providing continuity of learning.  All further home learning will be accessible through the school website from next Wednesday at the latest.

Should parents/carers of children who are already self-isolating or are off ill wish to collect a home learning pack these will be available for collection from labelled boxes outside the school office tomorrow afternoon (Thursday 1.30 -2.45pm) and Friday morning (8.30 – 11.45am).  Please only collect a pack labelled with your child’s name and avoid entering the school building if possible.

I would like to emphasise that Hermitage Park Primary will remain open until the end of the school day on Friday. 

I will send a more detailed update tomorrow of our plans for home learning and supporting families through this very challenging time.  In the meantime I would like to thank the whole Hermie community for your support and understanding.

E-mail sent 17/03/2020

As I am sure you will agree we are facing an unprecedented situation in school and beyond.  Advice from the Scottish Government and Health Protection Scotland continues to guide our response to Covid – 19.  The Government plan involves keeping schools open and we are all doing our best to manage this.

I realise this is a very worrying time for everyone but please be reassured that we are doing all we can to protect and support our school community.  The updated national advice is that everyone living in the same household as a symptomatic person should self-isolate for 14 days.   Parents/Carers and pupils with underlying health conditions should seek advice from NHS Inform and consider self-isolation.  Please report any absences (with clear details) through the school phone line.

Additionally –

  • We have been advised to cancel all school trips including residentials up to the Summer holidays.  We recognise that this will be very disappointing to our learners and are hopeful that we will be able to reschedule what would have been the P6 residential to take place at some point in P7.
  • All After School Clubs are cancelled. This includes all Active Schools clubs and clubs run by teaching staff.
  • We now have several families who have made the decision to keep their child/ren off school.  I am sure you will understand that whilst schools remain open (and staff continue to plan and teach children who are attending school) we are not in a position to provide additional work programmes for those at home. We would advise you to encourage your child to work from the home learning grids which have been sent home earlier in the term and can be found on the school website (should they be well enough). Staff have been making preparations for online learning opportunities (alongside an immediate brief take home pack) should we be asked to close. 
  • If you have made the decision to keep your child at home please cancel school lunches on ParentPay.

We are noticing that many of the children are feeling quite anxious about what is going on.  I know that adults may also be feeling quite anxious. Please remember that children react to how we are and they may need reassurance from the adults around them.  We are trying to keep school ‘normal’ and fun!

Obviously this is an extremely dynamic situation which is under constant review.  We have created a Coronvirus page on our school website which is kept up to date with the latest guidance as and when we get it.


Updates 17/03/2020

In line with Government Guidelines if you are self isolating with a cough and/or fever you must do this for 7 days. Everyone else in the household must self-isolate for 14 days if they do not develop symptoms.

iPads are being cleaned on a daily basis

Updates 16/03/2020

In line with Council guidance we have postponed the following events until further notice:

  • Parent Consultations
  • Multi-Cultural Week
  • Coorie-in
  • Friday Coffee Mornings
  • Easter Service at St Andrews Church

We have also removed all water, sand and play-dough from out classes.


(Newsletter sent out 16/03)

Please note the following re COVID-19. As I am sure you will appreciate the situation is changing daily and we are trying hard to respond as appropriate.

Actions taken by school currently:

• Frequent hand washing by pupils and staff

• Cleaning of surfaces using Milton liquid

• No Friday morning assembly – to avoid bringing together of whole school into an enclosed area

• Removal of Crunch and Munch fruit provision.

• Reminders to pupils that they should bring their own water bottle to school as we will not provide cups.

The latest guidance states that pupils and staff should remain at home if they have developed a cough or fever in the last 7 days and stay at home from the day the symptoms started.

Pupils and staff can return to school/work after 7 days if they are im-proving and no longer have a temperature. They don’t need to be symptom free to return to school/work.

You should phone your GP or NHS 24 (111) if your symptoms:

• are severe or you have shortness of breath or difficulties breathing
• worsen within the 7 days you are at home
• haven’t improved after 7 days

We are keeping the situation under constant review and will update parents and carers should advice change.

Active Schools

All active Schools Clubs have been cancelled for the foreseeable future.