HP - Website -Corrie-in and read logoEvery Monday at 15:15 Mrs Black and Mrs Binnie get comfy in the library to read a story, to all the children and their parents who come along to our Coorie-in and Read.  There is a new story each week, with singing and activities planned around the story. They are brilliant storytellers and we have had great attendance. Everyone is welcome to join in to hear the wonderful stories.


We also provide an online Coorie-In at home service. We usually send out a link via text or e-mail to the private YouTube videos however to allow easy access for a Coorie-In during lockdown we have posted the YouTube links below.

Elaine C Smith ‘The Glasgow Gruffalo’ Serafin ‘Kogucik’
Jane Evans ‘Vera McLuckie and the Daydream Club’
Ms Binnie ‘Norman, the slug with the silly shell’
Mr Hutcheson ‘Supertato’
Mrs Black ‘Cuddly Dudley’
Ms Young ‘Whatever next?’
DFM John Swinney ‘Charlie Cook’s favourite book’
Ms Chelcowske ‘A Polish storybook’
Miss Allen ‘The most magnificent thing’
Mrs McLaughlin ‘Giraffes can’t dance’
Ms Calder Kelly T’he Kissing Hand’
Ms Carson ‘The witch’s children’
Mrs Burt ‘Five minute’s peace’
Ailie Finlay ‘A Traditional Tale’
Mrs Black & Mrs Young ‘Shh’
Mr Wilson ‘The Chimpanzees of Happy Town’
Ms Walker ‘Mr Magnolia’
Clare McNicol Sings a lullaby ‘Coorie’
Mrs Leggat ‘Yuck! That’s not a monster’
Mrs Ziemons ‘Room on a broom’
Mrs Pollard ‘The tiger who came to tea’