P6b Learning Log w.c. 23.4.18

Jonny’s Learning Log

This week our co-operative learning was good because everyone tried hard, they all worked much better together and everything went well. Most people did all their jobs plus there were no arguments.

I enjoyed coding because it was good teamwork and you needed lots of concentration to write the set of instructions. It was really good fun especially when I was one of the robots.


I think everyone was well at rugby because  everybody put loads of effort in and many people didn’t even play rugby but everyone was really good.

Next week I hope everybody tries harder in daily mile because some people are just slouching about and some other people aren’t even stopping at all, so more people need to do that.

This week, what I really found fun was the final time with our PE leaders from Leith Academy. We did a mini champions’ league and I got touch of the tournament and I scored a couple good goals.

HT Blog 27.4.18

Dear Parents and Carers                                                                             27 April 2018

It was great to see some sunshine this week, I hope it stays for our Health Week.

We invite all children and staff to come to school in their sports clothes for Health Week as part of our focus on ‘Get Active’. The children will be participating in a variety of activities- keeping their minds and bodies active.  Come along to school and join us for Clubercise on Monday from 4.15pm-5pm. Continue reading

Pupil Voice- p4b w/b 23.04.18

Weekly Review       Week Beginning – 23rd April 2018   Class – P4b

Our topic this term is ‘Scottish Art History’ and we will be learning about art from Eduardo Paolozzi, Alison Watt, Jack Vettriano, Sir Henry Raeburn and Samuel John Peploe. The children are currently undertaking research on a selected artist and will be working in a group to create a poster presentation to their peers. We will then move onto creating our own (artist inspired) artwork.

If you have any books or resources related to any of these artists we would love to share these in class (and return).

 What is going well?

I enjoy learning about…


Jude- “I liked doing races in P.E for sports day.”


Mark and Cayden- “Something I enjoyed was daily mile and Music.”


Thea- “Something I enjoys was creating collages because I added lots of pop stars to mine!”


Amelie- “I enjoyed learning about chimney sums in maths.”


Josh- “I enjoyed reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I liked how Charlie went from poor and wanting all the sweets to rich and getting all the sweets!”


Lucas- “I enjoyed researching Alison Watt, the artist, on the computers.”


Jamie- “I enjoyed doing the collages because on mine there is a big explosion.”


Makadi- “I enjoyed doing the spelling tasks in literacy.”


Meadow- “I enjoyed doing the collages with Miss Provencio.”

What could be better?


I want to improve…


Alex D- “I would like to improve on my cursive handwriting.”


Ava- “I would like to improve on my story writing.”


Darin- “I would like to improve my cursive handwriting.”


Jamie- “I would like to improve on finishing textbook tasks.”


Ruairi- “I would like to improve on chimney sums.”


Vanshika- “I would also like to improve on my chimney sums and use higher numbers.”


Josh- “I would like to get better at cursive handwriting.”


Mark- “I would like to improve at maths.”


Health Week Clubbercise Fun

Hermitage Park will be celebrating Health Week from the 30th of April to the 4th of May.   There will be plenty of healthy activities for all to enjoy – even parents, carers and staff!!

On Monday the 30th of April there will be a Clubbercise taster session being held from 4.15pm to 5.00pm in the Gym Hall.  This session is open to all parents, carers and staff.

If you would like to attend this session please email Lisa Black on lisa.black@hermitagepark.edin.sch.uk

If you would like to find out more about Clubbercise and the benefits, further information can be found here.

Time to get ready to groove and move!


P3a Learning Log 27th April 2018

This week we made skeletons and we learnt about the human body.

We learnt about fractions: halves,quarters and wholes.

In maths we also learnt two digits take away one digit.

In literacy we learnt about collective nouns like a swarm of bees or pack of wolves.

In P-E we did athletics. We learnt how to run fast,jump high and throw further.

I am getting better at my mental maths. (Zoe)

I am getting better at my spelling. (Florence)

Practising our skeleton dance:

Clapping in time to the beat with the NYCOS teacher:

Number of the day:

Do you like our skeletons?

Zoe and Florence

Pupil Voice wb 17.04.18 P4b

Weekly Review       Week Beginning – 16th April 2018    Class – P4b

What is going well?

I enjoy learning about…

Mya & Ruairi- “I enjoyed learning about living, never lived and previously lived things in science.”

Jude- “I enjoyed learning athletics in P.E”

Darin- “I enjoyed reading outside.”

Thea- “I liked creating collages.”

Alex D- “I loved daily mile.”

What could be better?

I want to improve…

Ava- “I want to improve on THTU in maths.”

Kyle- “Im going to try hard with summarizing my reading.”

Emma- “I want to improve my mental maths.”

Lucas- “I want to improve on my speed of mental maths.”

Pupil Choice/Evaluation

We liked Science, Math’s, P.E and Art this week.

We would like to work on developing our math’s and earning more golden time.

HT Blog 29.3.18

Dear Parents and Carers

Easter Service

We had a lovely walk down to St Andrew’s Leith church on Thursday morning for our school Easter Service. Thank you to our volunteers for accompanying us. Our school choirs performed their ‘Studio to Stage’ songs , P7 pupils read some readings and Reverend Rob Mackenzie shared the Easter Story. We thoroughly enjoyed singing ‘I’m a Spring Chicken’ at the end of the service.

Visit to Prospect Bank

Our Pupil Council were invited along to Prospect Bank Primary School to watch their Easter Assembly. The children were delighted their ‘Buddy’ school’s pupil could attend their assembly and we hope to invite some Prospect Bank children to our next class sharing learning assembly.

Swimming Gala

Thank you to our P6  team; Cameron, Aiden, Ruby, Jonny, Taba, Ellie, Alasdair, James, Calum, Megan, Sam  and Matthew who took part in the swimming Gala at The Royal Commonwealth Pool. They demonstrated good team spirit and enjoyed the competition.

Hermie’s Got Talent

On Thursday afternoon, just before the Easter Holidays, Louise (P7) organised a fantastic Hermie’s Got Talent for the whole school and what a great job she did! This involved a lot of planning and organisation…and some help from her classmates. We have some very talented children, and what a great audience they were too! There were many compliments afterwards, from teachers and children alike. Well done! Congratulations to our winner Hamish with his ‘Rap’.

Crossing Guides

The Council are reviewing school the City’s crossing guides. If you would like to contribute to the review, please do so before Tuesday 24 April 2018 at https://consultationhub.edinburgh.gov.uk/sfc/school-crossing-patrol-review-parents-and-carers. Councillors will use our feedback when deciding if any changes should be made to the service. If you have any questions, please contact roadsafety@edinburgh.gov.uk

Have a great Easter Holiday and I look forward to working with you when School opens on Tuesday 17 April.

Dates for your diary:


Tuesday 17 April: Term starts for staff and children                                                              Thursday 26 April: Fordel Firs Transition event for P7                                                              Monday 30 April: Health Week                                                                                                    Friday 25 May and Tuesday 29 May: Parent Consultations                                              Wednesday 6 June: P4-P7 Sports Day                                                                                  Wednesday 13 June: P1-P3 Sports Day

If you any concerns, please do let me know.

Kind regards,

Natalie Borrowman

Acting Head Teacher


School Dinners Update

The Easter Holidays are just about here but before we head off to (hopefully) enjoy the sunshine – school dinners need to be ordered for when we are back at school.

For week commencing the 16th of April, school dinners will need to be ordered on ParentPay by 11.00pm on Wednesday the 28th of March.

It is important to note, that after the Easter Holidays the Spring/Summer menu will be in place.  This menu is a little bit different from the Autumn/Winter menu, so it is worth bearing in mind your child’s food likes and dislikes when ordering!