Head Teacher Blog 9.2.18

Dear Parents and Carers                                                              9 February 2018

This week, the warmer and drier weather enabled the children to engage with our ‘loose parts’ play. Loose parts are about real-world learning. The process both of introducing them and of playing with them involves collaboration, sharing thinking, problem-solving and decision-making where the outcome is evident – better play experiences. I observed children making; well-balanced bridges, wobbling towers and the inevitable drumming with sticks on a tub.

Find out about ‘provocations’ and ‘perfume bottle’ play in our nursery news on the school website.

P2/1 had an exciting trip to Pizza Express where they had fun learning about cooking and good food. Everyone had the chance to knead the dough, make it smooth, and create the perfect base. They learnt about the importance fresh ingredients make to the pizza’s flavour. The final touch? Eating their pizzas for lunch! Thank you Pizza Express.

Congratulations to our Hermitage Park Stars of the Week:

am nursery




















pm nursery

















Generation Science were back this week with the Forces and Motion workshop: Ready, Teddy, Go for P1 and P2.  Forces, movement and motion were investigated by the teddy bear team in a series of fun and engaging whole class activities. The inquisitive bears reveal the principles of gravity, friction and movement demonstrated through challenges that connect science concepts to the real world.

Mrs Black and Mrs Browning led our new ‘Seasons for Growth’ group this week.    ‘Seasons for Growth’ is a loss and grief peer-education programme to support children who are affected by change, loss and bereavement. It aims to strengthen the social and emotional wellbeing of children by teaching them that they are not alone in dealing with the effects of change. Communication, decision-making and problem-solving skills are developed within a peer support group.

“I feel happy I am being listened to” (P4 member)

“I wish we could go to Seasons for Growth everyday” (P3 member)

“I like the chocolate biscuit” (P5 member).

Please take note of the areas signposted ‘No scooters beyond this point’. This will keep us all safe and accident free. Thank you.

Last week we launched our Hermitage Park online Learning Journals; which the teachers have been working hard to populate with all the exciting learning happening in their classes. This week we have added all main contacts, who have provided the school with an e-mail. You should have received an e-mail from Learning Journals with Login details. If you have not received this, please contact the school and we will be able to re-send the information. If you have any questions, please do contact the school to discuss.

The next School Association fundraiser will be a joint Chilli night for adults and Movie Night for the children. The events will be held on Thursday 1st March between 5-45pm and 8-15pm. The School Association are looking for volunteers to help at the movie night, where they will be showing the film Boss Baby.  Please email if you would like to attend. hp.schoolassociation@gmail.com. Tickets will be on sale before and after school outside the gym hall from Thursday 8th February.

Huge thanks to the School Association, who on behalf of our parents and carers, donated half the cost of a new projector, screen and speakers for the hall. This will be a wonderful addition to our assemblies. The school community support is much appreciated.

Dates for your diary:

Monday 19 February- all return from February break                                                        Thursday 1 March: HP School Association movie night                                                             Thursday 1 March: World Book Day                                                                                                 Friday 16 March: Mindfulness Workshop for Parents and Carers

Have a lovely February break.

If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.

Kind regards,

Natalie Borrowman




Nursery News

This week in nursery, the children have experienced provocations. Provocations provoke thoughts, discussions, questions, interests, creativity and ideas. They can also expand on a thought, project, idea and interest. Provocations can be as simple as a photo of a rock sculpture next to some pebbles or as elaborate as a table with an assortment of recycled materials next to a book on robots and resources to make upcycled robots. Often though, provocations are simple and displayed beautifully to provoke interest. This is an aspect taken from the Reggio Emilio approach. Provocations can come in many forms. In nursery, we have seen lovely plates with dolly pegs and buttons, perfume bottles and beautiful shells. Some of the pupils have been using the dolly pegs as people, they have been attaching them together and others have been making patterns with the pegs and buttons. The perfume bottles have provided much discussion about the shape and size of the bottles, swapping lids and using them in various other roleplay activities. Ultimately, the intention of provocations is to provide an invitation for children to explore and express themselves. It should be open-ended and provide a means for expression where possible. The pupils can also take a bedtime story from the selection in the cloakroom. You can take them as frequently as your child wants. There are red and blue book bags available in the cloakroom to carry the books in too. We hope everyone has a lovely half term holiday

P6a Learning Log – January/February 2018

We have had a really busy term in P6a so far. We have been working on both 3D shapes, triangles and time in maths. We have produced our own Scots poems as well as learning to recite the work of Rabbie Burns for our Scots week. We also had a visit from the author Lari Don, and she spoke to us about her work and how to write a chase scene. We have really been enjoying our Ancient Greek topic and listening to, and creating our own Greek myths. Learning about life in Ancient Greece has also been interesting. In PE we have been doing gymnastics. In the pictures below you see us in gymnastics, as well as starting our papier mache greek vases and enjoying a visit from Generation Science.

HT Blog 2.2.18

Dear Parents and Carers                                                                                              2.2.2018

What a great start to the week- the Pupil Council on the front page of the Evening News with Lari Don. The photograph is on our school website along with a few others. The Scots finalists armed with their Lari Don book prize, were delighted to showcase their talented recitations to parents and carers at the HPPA Coffee Morning. Thank you all for your support.

Congratulations to our Hermitage Park Stars of the Week: P1a Devyn, P1b Lexi,   P2/1 Caiden, P2 Luolin,  P3a Erskine,  P3b Maya,  P4a Skye, P4b Rhys, P5a Miller, P5b Amelia, P6a Maisie, P6b Matthew, P7a Ming Chang, P7b Harry.

Well done to: P1a Youcef, P2 Freya, P2 Joe, P2 Hannah, P2 Harris, Sophia, Sam, P4b Jude, Humza, P6b Luke, P7b Kalina, Lewis, P7 Campbell and Weronika for receiving their Bronze House Point Certificates.

Well done to: P6b Liam for receiving his Silver House Point Certificate.

Please note there are more certificates to be presented on Monday.

If your child is absent from school please phone the school providing a reason for the absence. This enables us to record the correct code. Please leave a message on the absence line in response to an absence enquiry.

Unfortunately, we have had several incidents this week of inappropriate use of messaging using social networking sites by children.  This is extremely concerning for all and has caused upset both within and out with school.  Our Community Police Officer PC Ferry met with our P6 and P7 classes to discuss Cyberbullying. The children will be learning more about Internet Safety with their class teachers, and at assembly next week.

Please see the links below for more information.





Please remember that the minimum age requirement to be eligible to sign up for the social media sites listed is 13+

Following the success of our P5-P7 Drumming Sessions recently, if your child is interested in a Drumming Club there are some free places available on Monday evening and Friday groups.  Please e-mail Rohan to find out more pulseoftheplace@gmail.com.

Website: http://www.artsafternoon.org.uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pulseoftheplace

Please note the HT Blog and Nursery news will be published on the school website on a Friday and sent via parent pay on a Monday so we can include the Stars of the Week and House Point Certificates. If you have not already registered for parent pay, can I please ask you to contact Sarah Reid in the office who will issue you with log-in details.

You will be sent a link via email to access your child’s Learning Journal.  I hope you enjoy reading about their learning journey as much as I have.


Dates for your diary:

Tuesday 6 February: Safer Internet Day

Thursday 1 March: HP Schools Association movie night

Thursday 1 March: World Book Day

Friday 9 February- break for February Holiday

Monday 19 February- children return

Friday 16 March: Mindfulness Workshop for Parents and Carers


If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know.

Kind regards,

Natalie Borrowman

Acting Head Teacher










Pupil Voice W/B 29.01.2018 – P4b

This week has been progress jotter week. All children’s work has been recorded in the jotter and will be sent out on Wednesday of next week. P4b have had a very busy week of learning!

What is going well?


I enjoy learning about…


Kyle- I enjoyed gymnastics

Emma- I liked learning about gymnastics

Jamie- I enjoyed doing signalong training

Alex CL- I enjoyed gymnastics in PE

Josh- I enjoyed gymnastics

Jenna- I liked learning sign language

What could be better?


I want to improve…


Vanshika- I would like to get better at grids in maths

Fletcher- I would like to work on my sign language as it was quite tricky

Amelie- I would like to learn more about Leith

Cayden- I would like to get better at sign language

Ruairidh- I want to get better at Spanish