Nursery Learning Log 23.6.17

Today, some of the children went to Lochend Park to release the frogs into the loch.  We have looked after the tadpoles and watched them transform into frogs over many weeks. Whilst we were at the park we also saw some cygnets and swans and enjoyed feeding all the birds.

We also loved performing at the Garden Party! We have been singing our French songs all week long 😀

Here are a few photos….

P4a Learning Log – 23rd June 2017

This week we have been busy writing stories, working independently on maths, using the different strategies we have learned this year,  and adding lots of detail to our drawings.

Maths – it was really good doing cheating with tens. If the last digit of a number was 8 or 9 you could add or take-away 10 then add or take-away the difference. Having 30 to do was a lot of work but fun. (Miller)
We were doing near doubles which was good and we learned a new game using dice. (Cammy)

PE – we got to choose what we would like to do, like rounders, basketball, football, tennis, parachutes or hula hoops. We all played a parachute game together at the beginning. It was a cool game. I liked it. (Lainey)

Literacy – it was good writing the sentences and having to add the speech marks to them. (Ella)

Art – drawing the pictures was good. Everyone got to choose their own things to draw and drew lots of people in the park or beach. You could add people on swings or walking dogs. Or the ocean and an ice cream van. We had to add lots of detail. We have so much detail we still need to finish them. (Charlotte)

Nursery Learning Log 16.6.17

This week we rehearsed our Garden Party show in front of our P5 buddies. They were very impressed and we only need to work on being a bit louder when speaking and singing. 😊 We have worked so hard and all our teachers are very proud of how much French we can understand and speak.

We have also enjoyed the ice cream parlour role play this week. We have made ice creams using art materials and also on a smartboard ict game. Have a look at our photos!

P4a Learning Log – 9th June 2017

Art – making bumblebees was good because we all worked very hard on it and nearly everybody is finished. (Kritakshi/Mia)

Comprehension was going well as it was really fun. The story was about the Hare and the Tortoise. We answered questions then drew a picture. We joined our pictures up into one race track. (Miller)

PE – the whole class had a dance challenge with Mrs McLaughlin. The P7s came in to help us with our sports. We did throwing with bean bags, fast feet and bounce passes. (Charles)

IDL – we went on a Bug Hunt this week. On the hunt we found a lot of snails and ants. We found one bee and some woodlice. We had to write down what we found, where we found it, write down the features of it and do a little sketch. We kept a tally of how many we saw. (Maisie)

Our friend Kritakshi is leaving us this week. We are sad to see her go but wish her well in her new school. Goodbye Kritakshi!



School Committee Candidates

Our candidates have been busy writing their speeches and making posters for their campaigns.

Lee and Zoe learning log Friday the 9th of june p6b

I want to get better at p.e and I want to run faster so I can get into competitions and be a fast runner.

My target is to have neater handwriting.

I was good at art I think that I have improved.

My target is to get better at reading.

This week I enjoyed hibs coming.

I liked art   Because we got to cutting with painting and it felt different because I had  to colour in the whole piece of paper blue.

We liked music.

Nursery Learning Log 9.6.17

We have been enjoying our camping theme this week and had a special picnic with our teddies. On Monday we had to have this indoors because of the weather but we were lucky to have sunshine on Wednesday. Have a look at our tasty treats!

We have also been practising writing our names for the start of Primary 1. We have been matching letters too and thinking of words that begin with different sounds.

Learning Log 29th-2nd June 2017


Olivia- In the history workshop we discussed who could vote years ago and now. Many people think women could not vote but what they didn’t know was that 10years before that women who were rich or owned their house could vote. You used to have to be 21 to vote but then they lowered it to 18 and yet again to 16.

MSP- We did a question and answer session with an MSP called Gordon Lindhurst. Before he was an MSP he worked in a court. He has been an MSP since April 2017. In his first speech he talked about his family. If he could get one law passed it would be to change work hours so that he could spend more time with his family.

Ruby- We went to the debating chamber and there were very tight rules. MSPs were debating roadworks and child/carer benefits. This was very interesting and it was cool how we got an extra insight into how the council deal with these problems.


We have started practising our samba drumming which we will use in our ‘Bugsy Malone’ show. Arwen’s dad and Beth have very kindly worked with us. We are loving it. We even managed to samba drum in the playground and attracted a very appreciative crowd.