Learning Log 18th-21st April 2017

Maths- this week in maths the Octagons were doing profit/loss calculations. We were continuing to work on our very own made up theme parks. It’s all going well. Our skills were to find out how much money each worker should get depending on their job, it’s all very good/easy.   – Ava

This week in maths the Hexagons have been learning to add and subtract decimal numbers. Our skills were how to add and subtract decimals mentally and use chimney sums. It’s going very well. – Murren


P.E. – In P.E. with Mrs. Mclaughlin we were training for Interscholastics. We ran 60 metres and then 150 metres , we still don’t know who got in but we are all very excited ! We were trying to improve our speed and stamina. It’s going very well! With Ms. Milne we were practising our speed and hurdle jumping! We were improving our time/speed within our teams! It’s going great! – Murren & Ava


Music – We were learning our Bugsy Malone songs for our P7 show! We are learning “So You Wanna Be A Boxer “ at the moment ! We were trying to be louder, more aggressive and fluent ! – Ava & Murren


Art – This week in art we were drawing designs for the National Galleries art competition. The theme is mermaids and pirates! We are working in groups of 2+. I’m working with Logan and Murren is working with Alice! We are using a variety of materials such as paint, pen, pencil and oil pastels. It’s going amazing! 😀 – Murren & Ava


Learning Log 24th March 2017

We have had an extremely busy week working on our enterprise topic with P7a. We have spent most of our week decorating our stalls, advertising our sale, making our product and finally, selling it to the children of Hermitage Park.

Please look at our enterprise blog to see how successful we were.

Learning Log 17th March 2017


Learning Log

Enterprise: This week in enterprise (maths) we were making boxes, bunting and posters. We also filmed a short advert to tell the school about our P7 bake sale. So far, our group has been working together very well and we feel that our stall is coming on nicely! Our group is selling Top Hats on Thursday 23rd March. Hope to see you there!


Music: In Music we have been learning how to talk in an American accent, to help with our P7 leavers show. We have been practising some songs in our American accents to make our show more realistic!


Reading: This week in reading, our group were doing Tricky Thinking Problems about Dinosaurs. We are learning how to answer literal, evaluative and inferential questions. It was quite long so we didn’t get all questions done. The other two groups did an SRA and read their books which are: ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ and ‘William Wallace and All That’. The ‘Dragon’ group are using Bloom’s Taxonomy to write questions about what they have been reading. The’Wallace’ group are creating a timeline for the life of William Wallace.


P.E: Hockey is our new topic in P.E. with Mrs McLaughlin. As this was our first lesson, we were learning some basic skills and the rules of a hockey game. At the end we were able to have 10 minutes to do what we wanted as long as it was related to hockey. Our group did hockey rounders. With Ms Milne we did basic basketball throws and revised the rules of a basketball game. We played a few games at the end in two teams!







Website banner winners

The Pupil Council had such a hard job choosing the winners of the website banner competition! We chose a winner from each class and overall winners. Each winning entry will be displayed for a month. Well done to all the winners!

P2a Florence               P4a Ruben                 P4b Aidan                     P5a Ellie

P6a Kiera                      P6b Alba                    P7b Logan

Overall winners:

1st Logan,  2nd Aidan,  3rd  Alba

Learning Log 3rd March 2017

Maths – The Hexagons were doing percentages.

We were finding out how to get 10% of £200 which is £20. I can find out how to get 50% off of £300 which is £150. Next step is to be able to find more difficult percentages.



Maths- The Pentagons were finding fractions of numbers and we were using our times tables and division to find our answers. I was able to find fractions of numbers using my table and division skills. My next steps are to get better at finding 12ths of numbers. Sophie


Narrative poems- I thought that the narrative poems went well because we all put lots of effort into it even though it took us a lot of time. My next step is to be able to write a bit quicker and to make my poem rhyme.



Narrative poems – I think that the poems went well because people probably have put a lot of description in their poem and used good similes and metaphors. I was able to write a poem with some descriptive things. My next steps are to be able to make my poem better with some similes and metaphors.



The Art of Listening at The Hub – I thought that the trip

was good because the girl Laura was good at singing. My favourite part was when Alex was playing the piano. We learnt about different types of music played on the piano. We also meditated on comfy mats, closed our eyes and listened to the piano. Afterwards we drew using colours that the music made us feel.


I thought the trip was okay because Laura’s singing was quite weird because it was different. She was an opera singer. Alex’s piano playing was impressive because he was able to play theme tunes of films.


PE- I thought PE was good because my teaching skills improved. I was able to take control of my station. My next steps are to get more confident.



PE- I thought PE was good because I liked the footbal stations especially Murrens. I was able to take part in the football stations. My next steps are to get better at controlling the ball.


Thank you Blackwell’s!

Blackwell’s helped us to celebrate World Book Day today by bringing a stall to school. They brought enough £1 World Book Day books to ensure that each Hermie pupil go home with a free book today. They also offered  a 20% discount on their other books. It was lovely seeing so many parents and carers coming in at the end of the day to visit the stall. Thank you so much Blackwell’s!

p7b Learning Log 24th February 2017




In maths this week we continued Lunar Theme Park maths. We finished drawing and creating our theme parks. Also we worked out the prices of our rides and shops/cafes with our budget of £500,000.

–Logan & Ruby


In maths some of us did multiplying and dividing decimals by 10, 100 and 1000. Sometimes we worked on the carpet with Miss Milne, and used our whiteboards for the different activities such as decimal bingo. Sometimes we worked on our own on activities.


If you multiply the decimal number by 10, you move the digits 1 place to the left. If you multiply it by 100, you move the digits 2 places to the left and if you multiply it by 1,000, you move the digits 3 places to the left. Also, we did dividing, which is moving the digits to the right. – Maddie



This week we started off planning our narrative poems. We were allowed to pick the story line and setting. I am planning mines around Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We read 2 other poems about Monday Mornings and Bottle Flipping




This week in coding we were doing more work on the 3rd course of our coding work. The annoying thing however was that it kept glitching. I hope we can eventually move on to harder work such as de- coding and number coding work. I’m looking forward to Erin’s mum coming in to do coding with us. Ruby


This week in P.E we were playing football. When we played we went in different groups/teams with a mix of boys and girls. It was really fun and at the end we did boys VS girls which I didn’t really like and I am sure that most of the other people in our class didn’t like it either. –Maddie






P7b Learning Log 10th February 2017

Learning Log


Maths- This week in maths we have been doing Lunar Theme Park maths which is how to plan and maintain a theme park… Our first task was to draw a birds-eye view of our own theme park. We had a budget of £500,000 and we had to spend it wisely.


Literacy/Storytelling- This week we had to tell our Tam O’ Shanter stories that we drew out on story maps. We are recording these on our Ipads. We learned a lot of different skills to be able to tell our stories: confidence, description, detail, using eye-contact, gestures and voices.


P.E.- This week in P.E. with Mrs McLaughlin, we had a few of our pupils set up their own stations for gymnastics. Arwen, Emily, Ruby and Harry did very well at their stations, from our point of view everyone seemed to enjoy it!

On Thursday in P.E. we resorted to a last minute station set up from some of our class… again, Aleena, Maddie, Ruby, Logan and Ava all set up stations. This was last minute because the S6 leaders from Leith Academy were to teach us but were unable to come, but it was great fun.

Art- This week in Art we were dazzling our Robert Burns’ cottages… we mixed colours of acrylic paints and used some unique designs. During this task we also tried some printing using Mod Podge to help us.


Music- This week in music we started a new project on Indian music and we watched a video of Ravi Shanker and his daughter Anushka Shanker playing the sitar, we also noticed some other instruments such as the Tabla(drums) and the Tampura, this was made out of a pumpkin which was really cool!!


Overall our week was good!

By Arwen and Aleena


P7b Learning Log 3rd February 2017



On Thursday the 2nd February our class went to the National Library of Scotland. When we went there we had to complete a task on maps. We had 5 maps and had to match them to the statements. After that we were taken round an exhibition of maps. It was really fun to see the history of maps. It was crazy because the library has 24 million books!! They have 15 floors in total, that is basically 15 times the height of the school. The first floor on the road was actually floor 11, the rest underground. We really enjoyed this trip and would like to go again to read some of the books!

Written by Jake and Joe

P7b Learning Log 27th January 2017


This week in maths we were learning how to create a business stall (enterprise) for fundraising for our own choice of charity. Miss Milne – (Lord Sugar) will be selecting a few groups to go forward and make their ideas a reality!                    

We are going to partner up with P7a and hopefully make some food items to sell around the school.


This week on Tuesday we completed a variety of gymnastics including; cartwheels, leaps over vaults, and different balances! On Thursday we had S6 helpers from Leith Academy! We didn’t have access to the hall so we played a selection of different running games outside in the playground; Run River and Tig. Our teachers on Thursday were Liam and Mr. Marco. On Tuesday we had Mrs. Mclaughlin!


This week in art we had a challenge of making a clay model of Robert Burns’ cottage. We had a block of clay and had to work against the clock to create our own masterpieces in one hour! This went really well and almost everyone completed the activity. When our models are dry we will paint them according to the photographs of Robert Burn’s cottage.


This week we completed the second part of our Tam O’Shanter story map. We had to draw pictures according to the story we listened to. Next we will be using our story maps to tell the story of Tam.

Outdoor learning

This week we had a visitor in school to teach us about area and perimeter but approaching it in a different way! Mr. Robinson gave us each a rope with the same length which we had to make into different shapes and calculate the area by using 10cm squares of paper. This proved that no matter the length of the perimeter the area will always be different! This was more fun than working in jotters!

 Cross Country Trials!

The teams were selected and from p7b the people who got in were;

Ava, Logan, Maddie, Alice, Arwen, Ruby, Harry & Joe. Well done!

By  Ava, &  Logan P7b!