P7b Learning Log – 8/12/17

This week we have learned how to play ‘Deck the Halls’ on the piano and the glockenspiels. We went into groups and some went onto the computers and some went onto instruments.

This week we have also learned how to do the famous rugby dance The Haka. We had lots of fun doing this in P.E and we got to make up our own little bit in groups as well.

We worked on some perspective art and based it on Holes. We used a vanishing point to make our pictures look 3D!

By Grace & Isaac.

Learning Log P7b – 24/11/17

This week we started making Christmas ribbon trees to sell at the Christmas fair. We used lollipop sticks and then we tie different coloured ribbon around them in a knot to make the tree.

In P.E we played hockey. We practised our dribbling using different drills and then we played two mini games.

This week we enjoyed working on algebra, it was a bit hard at first but I think we got the hang of it.

This week we also enjoyed doing our perspective art work. We have designed it so it looks like we are looking up at buildings like the Eiffel Tower, the Empire State Building and the Welcome to Las Vegas sign.

Our target is to improve our Powerpoint skills.

By Aaisha and Lee.

Learning Log P7b – 10/11/17

This week in P.E we had a hockey taster and did a hockey lesson with Miss Little. We practised our passing and dribbling and played some games that included these skills.

In social studies we have been learning about Civil Rights in America. We watched a video with lots of information and made notes in a grid with different headings to help us take it all in.

In Art we created silhouette pictures of the desert. We used paint and blended to colours to show different times of the day. We are going to use a black card template for the silhouettes.

We are also working on an imaginative story in Big Writing for an Edinburgh Hogmany competition!

By Isaac and Aaisha.

P7b Learning Log – 13/10/17

LI- to evaluate my learning and set a target

I enjoyed drama and we were pretending the person in the middle was stanley, the warden or zero and asking them question the SSPCA came in to talk about animals. In the gym hall we were practising our scottish opera play and we had three groups the tavern crew, witches crew and the storm crew. In maths we are learning how to use rounding to make sums easier. We drew still life drawings in art.
Lewis’s target-to be more focused on my work. 

Alba-to read everything I need to in time. 

Learning Log – Ella & Cole P7b

This week we learned how to use Powerpoint. We used our imagination to create a powerpoint based on our class novel Holes by Louis Sachar. We give it a 5/5.

This we learned about new kinds of shapes. We found it a bit difficult because we did not understand some of the words like ‘arrowhead’.

This week we enjoyed art, we made Christmas cards. Ella’s one had ‘nollaig Chirdheil’, that’s Merry Christmas is Gaelic. Cole’s one had snowmen on it. We give it 1000000/5.

Our targets are to try not to get distracted in class and to always try our best!

By Ella & Cole

P7b Learning Log – 25/8/17

This week in P.E I learned how to throw and catch a shuttlecock, I was practising my accuracy. I also learned about how to be ready to move to receive the ball and serve it back to a partner.

I also learned about different types of angles in maths. The different types of angles are acute, right, obtuse and reflex!

My favourite part of this week was practising badminton in P.E!

By Bailey.

Learning Log 29th-2nd June 2017


Olivia- In the history workshop we discussed who could vote years ago and now. Many people think women could not vote but what they didn’t know was that 10years before that women who were rich or owned their house could vote. You used to have to be 21 to vote but then they lowered it to 18 and yet again to 16.

MSP- We did a question and answer session with an MSP called Gordon Lindhurst. Before he was an MSP he worked in a court. He has been an MSP since April 2017. In his first speech he talked about his family. If he could get one law passed it would be to change work hours so that he could spend more time with his family.

Ruby- We went to the debating chamber and there were very tight rules. MSPs were debating roadworks and child/carer benefits. This was very interesting and it was cool how we got an extra insight into how the council deal with these problems.


We have started practising our samba drumming which we will use in our ‘Bugsy Malone’ show. Arwen’s dad and Beth have very kindly worked with us. We are loving it. We even managed to samba drum in the playground and attracted a very appreciative crowd.

Learning Log 24th-28th April

Learning Log

Alcohol Awareness Trip

This week all the P7s and P6s went on a trip to the Hibs stadium at Easter Road. We went for the first part of our alcohol awareness course that carries on over 8 weeks every Tuesday. We got split into 3 groups mixed with the four classes, each of our groups did different activities. Our first activity was a chat with Stuart (one of instructors). He talked about how most athlete don’t usually drink and why you shouldn’t drink if you want to be an athlete. Then Sue gave us a tour of the stadium. Then Aaron gave us a fitness activity.

Music and Drama

This week we did our Bugsy Malone auditions for the main parts. The main parts were: BUGSY, BLOUSEY, FAT SAM AND DANDY DAN these were all classed as main parts although I think Tallulah and Leroy should have been classed as main parts too.


Last week our class started a novel called Wonder about a boy called August who has Treachers Collins syndrome, a condition that deforms the face. We have read up to the part when August is visiting his new school. He got a tour round the school by some people that were going to be in some of his classes. The children’s names were Charlotte, Julian and Jack Will. He liked Jack Will and Charlotte but August wasn’t that keen on Julian.


This week in maths we were doing negative numbers. I really enjoyed this and it gave us a head start for high school. We were doing sums like:18-{-19}=


This was third level maths and I was pretty surprised at this as it was actually easy for most of us. A tip for negative numbers is to always remember that 0 still counts as a whole number.