Learning log Friday 5th may pb6 Declan and Grace 

Friday 5 May               Grace and Declan

L-I  to evaluate my learning and set a target.
This week the hibs coach came into our school and told us all about alcohol and health. He took us outside and done some fitness with us. In pairs we done the activities like skipping, wall sit , step up step down . We done a work sheet and we had to write down the answer to the question.

This week we enjoyed the electricity stuff we got to use all different electronic stuff and it was circuits the stuff we used were batteries ,wires ,light bulbs. 

Grace-my target is to make my handwriting neater. 

Declan-my target is to learn more about the colours in Spanish and try and practise a bit more Spanish .

P7a Learning Log – 27th April 2017

This week I had a number of learning successes.  My learning success were that I learned more about negative numbers and I can now add and subtract them accurately.  Also this week I have really enjoyed starting to read my ‘Reading for Enjoyment’ book ‘Hitler’s Canary’.  I am really getting into it and I am enjoying the tasks we are doing linked to our books.  ‘The Roaring Twenties’ is our new topic.  We are learning about this because we are doing Bugsy Malone for our show and it is set in the 20s.  We are learning about the economic boom. The economic boom was in USA in 1920. It means that the Americans were making more money because they were getting paid more which allowed them to spend more.
*This week I enjoyed maths because it was interesting and harder so I had to work on hard  maths.

*This week I enjoyed the roaring twenties because I learned about the economic boom.
Wish: I wish that I could learn more about negative numbers.

By Brad

P7a Learning Log 20th April 2017

This week I learned about negative numbers.  Before we started learning about them I didn’t know anything about negative numbers and now I know what they are and how to add and subtract them.

This week in P.E with Mrs McLaughlin we were running for Interscholastics trials and Mrs McLaughlin was timing us.  From this a team will be selected for the Interscholastics competition.

I think I need to learn more about the ‘Roaring Twenties’ because that is our new topic and I know nothing about it apart from alcohol was illegal then.

I enjoy reading ‘Wonder’ because it sounds interesting and I can’t wait to see what happens in it.

Star: negative numbers because I think they are fun and easy.

Star: bugsy malone songs because I like singing the songs and they are catchy.

Wish: I wish that we can do a lot more art because we hardly do that much.


by Tierney

Website banner winners

The Pupil Council had such a hard job choosing the winners of the website banner competition! We chose a winner from each class and overall winners. Each winning entry will be displayed for a month. Well done to all the winners!

P2a Florence               P4a Ruben                 P4b Aidan                     P5a Ellie

P6a Kiera                      P6b Alba                    P7b Logan

Overall winners:

1st Logan,  2nd Aidan,  3rd  Alba

P7a Learning log 3/3/17

This week we went on a trip to ‘The Hub’, it was called ‘The Art of Listening’.  I learned that by using a piano you can perform almost any type of music.

I found maths quite challenging because we were multiplying amounts of money by 10 but I understand it now.

I enjoyed bikeability this week because we played quite a lot of games and I was good at a couple of the games.

Also at the hub we did a relaxation activity where somebody played his piano while we all sat down and then after that we all drew pictures to show what our reactions were to the classical music.

By Jack


Thank you Blackwell’s!

Blackwell’s helped us to celebrate World Book Day today by bringing a stall to school. They brought enough £1 World Book Day books to ensure that each Hermie pupil go home with a free book today. They also offered  a 20% discount on their other books. It was lovely seeing so many parents and carers coming in at the end of the day to visit the stall. Thank you so much Blackwell’s!