P6b Learning Log w.c.27.11.17

Brandon’s Learning Log



Maths – We learned about triangles:

isosceles – two sides are the same length

scalene – no sides are the same

equilteral – all sides are the same.

Music – We are practising our carol singing and getting better at our singing in general. Some of the songs are Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer and Jingle Bells.

Art – We were drwing our suns with weird designs and hot colours. We also made robins for the Christmas Fair – and they all sold out!

P.E. We practised some Scottish Country Dances for our party with the Leith Academy Sports Leaders. We learned the Canadian Barn Dance, the Virginia Reel and the Gay Gordons. We also had football training with the coaches from Hibs. We did warm ups, drills and mini games.

P6b Learning Log w.c. 13.11.17


We went to the Cinema this week to see the Goosebumps movie. Everyone enjoyed it, but it was a little bit scary! Everyone had different favourite scenes and characters. We certainly had lots to talk about! We wrote plans for our movie reviews and we will write them next week.

We went outside to find and measure different types of angles. We were surprised how many different kinds we could find! We even worked out how to measure a reflex angle, which is more than 180 degrees.

P6b Learning Log w.c. 20.11.17

Rhianyn’s Learning Log


I learned how to do the haka with Mrs. McLaughlin. I think I did well in my group because I made sure everyone else got a turn. I didn’t know that rugby players do the haka before a match.

My favourite thing this week was Buddy Time because we got to talk about our feelings. My buddy already knew about a lot of feelings. I was very proud of her.

I am going to use a dictionary more often to help me spell words I don’t know.

We did some team building exercises with the Leith Academy Sports Leaders this week. We had to communicate with our team and help each other to complete the tasks. It was great fun!

In the ICT suite we worked with our partners on our Space research. We learned how to ask specific questions and how to bookmark useful pages.


P6b Learning Log w.c. 18.9.17

Caitlin’s learning log 



In music we learned a new song called Take Five. I thought that I was good at it because I kept in time with the beat.

I enjoyed our topic, (Natural Disasters), because my partners and I worked well and cooperated well. I think I was good at this because we didn’t argue about who was doing what.

This week in Daily Mile I think I have improved because I can go for way longer than last week, when I only kept going for five minutes.

I think I was good at making a Christmas card because I normally take 3 to 4 days to finish but this year I only took 2 hours.

I’m excited for our Assembly next week. I think I will be very good at speaking at the Assembly. We made banners and models for our group presentations for Assembly and we started to work out what we are going to say. We thought about how to describe each type of natural disaster, what interesting facts we had learned, and the effects of the disasters on buildings, landscape, people and animals. We also watched some Newsround clips to learn more about what’s happening in other parts of the world right now.

P6b Learning Log w.c. 11.9.17

Jessica’s Learning Log.


This week in Maths we did money games and multiplying by multiples of 10. In Money we had a café menu and we had £10 or £15 to buy a meal for 4 people.

Some children also learned about negative numbers and how they are used in real life, like in a lift and in a weather forecast.

We have been busy researching our ‘Natural Disasters’ topics, working hard in small groups to gather information to present at our Class Assembly on 29th September.

In Drama we did miming and hot seating. We went into groups and had to act out a dilemma, which the others had to try and guess. I thought my group was amazing!

This week, in P.E., we did badminton skills. We had 3 groups. One of the groups were playing badminton with a partner and then changing partners. We only had 10 seconds to play and then we had to change partners. I thought I was good at badminton.

For Art, we used a lot of different materials and a range of techniques to make elephant images. We had to try to show contrast in our pictures and could really use our imaginations to make our pictures stand out. We were very proud of the finished results.

P4a Learning Log 25th August 2017


Welcome to Primary 4a!

We are looking forward to a very busy term. We have many exciting activities coming up:

  • We will be reading ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ and completing many challenging but also fun activities related to the book.  We will be learning about the characters, settings and the adventures that take place.
  • We will be creating lots of art as well as inventing our own sweets and the          machines to make them.
  • We will be learning how to be good storytellers, using story maps  and  story      sticks to help us.
  • We will be attending swimming lessons, doing our daily mile challenge and     being coached in rugby.
  • We will also be doing outdoor learning for some of our activities.

 Enjoy looking at our photographs and reading our blogs.

We enjoy choosing a selection of books to read.



We love learning how to play rugby with Ross the rugby coach. Even in the rain!

We have been outside learning about 2D and 3D shapes in the environment.

In maths this week I learnt about 2D and 3D shapes. I was able to find 2D and 3D shapes outside. I need to get better at counting vertices and edges. In writing I learnt about joining my letters and I need to get better at doing this. *Swimming   *Shape booklets 

Hollie F.

I was able to draw a cuboid for Willy Wonka’s factory. I need to get better at drawing straight lines. This week in writing we made up our own Roald Dahl story characters. *Rugby *Gym.




Harry and Ella Learning Log 22nd June 2017

The week we saw  The hobbit and the p1s were scared  of Gollum.We  enjoyed it. Harrys favourite character was Bildo Bagins. Ella’s favourite character was Gandalf.We give it a  9.5 out of 10.

We enjoyed watching Tom and Jerry.We think it’s really funny. We both prefer Jerry because he is funny and really fast.we give it a 100 out of 10.

Our favourite lesson this week was circle time.We Played liar liar. The rules on how you play are simple.You do something eg eating food then the person beside you will ask what your doing.You tell them a lie.eg I am sky diving.we give it a 10 out of 10.

Harrys target is to get better in pe .

Ellas target is to be a good prefect in p7.