P6a/b Learning Log w.c. 6/3/17

This week, the children from P6a and P6b who didn’t go to camp came together to form a new class for the week!

The two groups of children mixed really well together and soon got settled into a very different kind of week.

There was a challenge to invent a new type of snack, where we went to Tesco and conducted some market research to see what people would like. Then we had to name our snack, decide on our ingredients, design a wrapper, present our findings in an eye-catching display and make a video to advertise our product. We managed to come up with some fantastic ideas and catchy slogans! Each group had very creative, but very different ideas, and we were reallly pleased with the results.

We displayed our work in the corridor so everyone can see all our hard work.

We had a visit from a story teller on Wednesday and he told us some fantastic tales which inspired us to come up with some great stories of our own. We liked the ‘Fortunately/Unfortunately’ stories and the Japanese tale about the mythical Kappa who used his powers to lure people into the lake so that he could eat them!

As part of our ‘Earth and Space’ topic we invented our own imaginary planets and painted them. We also did some research about renewable/non-renewable fuels. We will present our findings to our classmates next week so that they can learn about this important subject too.


On Friday morning we went up to the Hibs stadium to take part in some publicity for their Healthy Living campaign. Some people from Hibs are coming into P6 next term to deliver their message on Alcohol Awareness as part of our Health and Wellbeing curriculum. We had to hold up some messages while they took photos to use as part of the campaign. We got to wear a Hibs top and they took us into the dressing rooms and told us about what it’s like in there on match days. Then we went out and sat in the stand while they took the photos.

We all enjoyed our morning – even those who are not Hibs fans!



We are looking forward to hearing about how our friends got on at camp and exchanging lots of stories with them.

Here are some of our comments about our week:

Edward – Inventing our snacks went well. I liked that our wrapper was half transparent and half opaque.

Declan – I liked making the advert about our sweets.

Ryane – We were good at making decisions as a group without arguing.

Taylor – Inventing our own planets was good because they were all different and colourful.

Cale – I liked the storyteller because he told really good stories and he had a very expressive face.

Bailey – we did different sorts of work that didn’t feel like work.

Sydney – Music was good because we did a talent show.

Lennon – It has all been brilliant!


Website banner winners

The Pupil Council had such a hard job choosing the winners of the website banner competition! We chose a winner from each class and overall winners. Each winning entry will be displayed for a month. Well done to all the winners!

P2a Florence               P4a Ruben                 P4b Aidan                     P5a Ellie

P6a Kiera                      P6b Alba                    P7b Logan

Overall winners:

1st Logan,  2nd Aidan,  3rd  Alba

P6a Learning Log w.c. 27/2/17

John’s Learning Log

Today we did football for P.E. My partner was Campbell and my favourite session was when you had to kick the ball to your partner. I was kicking it too hard because it was going over Campbell.

We Music we were learning a samba. I’m enjoying it. The song is really good and we are going to get to go around the school.

I’m really enjoying daily mile I think I need to get faster in the sprinting but I’m doing ok.

I found the division hard this weekl but I’m nearly catching up. I need to practise more division.

My targets are to get better at division and to get better at dribbling in football.


In other news:

This week we listened to a link where NASA scientists have recorded the sound vibrations made by different planets, including Earth. We thought it was fascinating and a bit eerie. Here is the link, if you’d like to listen too:

We also watched a video about Fairtrade footballs. It was very interesting and really made us think about fairness and equality of opportunity in different parts of the world.






Thank you Blackwell’s!

Blackwell’s helped us to celebrate World Book Day today by bringing a stall to school. They brought enough £1 World Book Day books to ensure that each Hermie pupil go home with a free book today. They also offered  a 20% discount on their other books. It was lovely seeing so many parents and carers coming in at the end of the day to visit the stall. Thank you so much Blackwell’s!

P6a Learning Log w.c. 20/2/17

Chloe’s learning log

On Wednesday we learned what mnemonics are.

Mnemonics are a way to remember things. You can write down the order of something then you write a silly sentence starting with the same letter of what you want to remember, then you can remember the order of the planets, plants, flowers, animals or anything that you want to remember.

I enjoyed music this week because I found it fun and exciting. We were getting ready for our samba band to go around the school and play drums, tambourines, maracas, and the scratchers.

I think I could do better at literature circles because I could think of harder questions for my partner in my reading group for Notso Hotso.

Also this week I did coordinates in my maths group. I found one of the treasures in our game that we were playing, they were really difficult to find. I enjoyed this week, and every week.

Another group were working on rounding decimal numbers to the nearest tenth. It was quite tricky, so they played a few games to help them understand how to do it.


Our P.E. unit at the moment is ‘Invasion Games’ and we have started with football. We had attackers and defenders. First we had to decide on our rules, then we played our game. The first time we did it some people were getting frustrated and annoyed, but the second time we did well and nobody argued!

P6a Learning Log w.c. 6/2/17


Kiera read her Kamishibai story to the class.

Ming Chang’s Learning log

This week we have been learning about the Japanese way of storytelling, Kamishibai. Kamishibai is used by a miniature wooden theatre, (but with no stage or spectators.) The way the story spreads quite fast is because the storyteller rides all over Japan with tiny little wooden clackers to tell people that the story is about to start.

I have also learned that Tuesday 7th February 2017 is Internet Safety Day (ISD). Internet Safety Day is here to save you from getting tricked on the social media websites! Internet Safety Day is to tell you that strangers you’re talking to might not be the person you think you’re talking to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This week I have enjoyed P.E. (Physical Education), because the parallel bars were at our chest height. You had to lock your arms to travel along them. You had to be very strong!

P6a Learning Log w.c. 30/1/17


Michael made a space rocket for homework so we went outside to try it out!

Louise’s Learning Log

L.I-To share and assess my learning this week, using a range of openers.

This week in music we played a song on the guitar called Johnny Cope. It was a Scottish song for ‘Burns Night’. It hurt my fingers but it was fun to sing and play the song!

We had Spanish students in on Thursday and it was ok. I didn’t really like it because they spoke in Spanish most of the time and not English so it was hard to do what they wanted us to do… so I don’t think I did that well.

In P.E we were doing Gymnastics and it was a little bit hard. The hardest thing to do was the vault. I could not do the moves on them that well, but everything else I think I did very well and I enjoyed this week’s P.E.

In maths we were doing rounding to 10, 100 and 1000. We did a worksheet that I got stuck on a bit but the teacher helped me out and I understood it much better.

We did a book review yesterday. It was ok to do but I don’t really like doing book reviews.

I liked spelling because we have very interesting words this week that are harder than last week. I like a challenge in spelling!

P6a Learning Log w.c. 23/1/17

Kyle’s Learning Log.

We did lots of outdoor learning this week and I enjoyed it because it was really fun. As part of our Space topic, we went out to get an idea of how far each planet is from the sun. We measured the distances in steps and one step was the same as 100 million kilometers! We also did some maths outside. We had to decide what information we wanted to gather, then we had to collect our data and represent it in any way we wanted.

On Wednesday we were doing P.E. and there were 5 stations. I think I did well because I had a sore nose but I kept going. My favourite station was number 3.

In music this week I learned how to play a bit of a Scottish song on the guitar and it is called Johnny Cope. I think I did not do well because I found it really hard.



P6a Learning Log w.c. 16/1/17


Josh’s Learning Log

On Wednesday we had to go into partners and I was with Ben and David. We were giving a planet to research and so was everyone else. We got Mercury and all the groups got 3 books and had to research about their planet and we had certain questions. The first 2 books we had had nothing about Mercury but the other one did, so I went next door to borrow 2 books with Mercury in. Mercury has a metal core and is a magnet and when the sun sets the whole of Mercury freezes.

Today in P.E we were doing gymnastics it was fun and easy and my forward and back flips are better now. Our first station was when we had to go on a bench and do 2 balances on the bench and hold both for 4 seconds then jump off and do a cartwheel on the block. Our second station was we had to run on the spring board and jump on the bench using your feet and hands the jump off on to the mat.Our third station was climb on the horse, (not a real horse, a bench called a horse!), and lie down on it and put your hands on the mat and duck your head then fall on the mat. Our fourth station was balances with a partner and there is a picture on the wall of some balances with a partner and our final station was practising your forward and backward flips.

This week I enjoyed Daily Mile because I have done better than usual and I ran faster because I have been pacing myself this week.

P6a Learning Log w.c. 9/1/17


Hannah’s Learning Log

This week I have learned a poem about new year’s resolutions. I think I did well at joining up my writing. I really enjoyed writing the poem.

In literacy I have learned how to fix mistakes on a piece of writing. I think I did well at spotting all the spelling and punctuation mistakes.

In topic, we were planning our Earth and Space topic. We had to say what we already know and what we would like to find out. We also got to give our ideas about how we’d like to learn about our topic.

This week I have enjoyed music and P.E because in music were tapping the person in front of us a rhythm that got passed to us and I enjoyed P.E because we are doing gymnastics and I love gymnastics.

We also did some multiplication quizzes on the Smart board. Some were easy, some were a bit tricky and some were really difficult. We were allowed to work the difficult ones out on our white boatds.