P6a Learning Log w.c. 5.6.17

This week we have continued learning about negative numbers and we have also learned about the 24 hour clock, using timetables and rounding numbers.

We worked on our Reading Comprehension skills this week. We had to read some information and answer the questions in complete sentences. Some questions were about the passage and some asked for our opinions. Everyone did really well, giving some very thoughtful answers.

We did our last classroom lesson on Alcohol Awareness on Tuesday – next week we go up to Easter Road Stadium for the final session.

We were disappointed that our Sports Day had to be cancelled due to bad weather, but we did some of the races in the Gym Hall and still got house points. If the weather is good next week we hope to do some more of the races in the playground.

We have been campaigning all week for our committee members for next year. There were five posts to apply for: Health Committee, Pupil Council, J.R.S.O., Fairtrade Committee and Eco. Committee. We made banners, posters, flags and badges and each candidate had to write a speech and deliver it to the class. The campaign teams worked really hard to help give their candidate the best chance. The ballot takes place next Tuesday.



P6a Learning Log w.c 29.5.17

We had a visit this week from Mrs. Miller from the Scottish Parliament. It was really interesting and we got to vote with special buttons, just like the MSPs.

We formed mini political parties and had our own mini election!IMG_1553[1]IMG_1555[1]


Max’s Learning Log

This week I have learned want a seat means when it comes to voting in the debating chamber. It stands for MSPs. I HAVE LEARNT A LOT.

I enjoyed children’s parliament  a lot because it was challenging and I got most of the day off school. It was fun.

My next steps are to run faster in competitions. I get really nervous when they say 3 2 1 go but I still really enjoy the competition, it is still really fun.

P6a Learning Log w.c. 22.5.17

Ryane’s learning log.

This week in Keeping Myself Safe I learned that you could get hurt by someone in your own house. I learned that if that happens to me I would go to the teacher or someone I can trust.

We did our Literature Circles on Wednesday. Everyone has a different role to play each week. We are getting better at remembering what we have to do and had some really good discussions about our reading books.

We also did the Leith Gala Day poster competition. The theme was ‘Time Machine’ and we had lots of great ideas.

When we had a fire drill everyone was very sensible and we got out very quickly. We did so well that we earned more ‘pasta points’!


P6a Learning Log w.c. 8.5.17

12/05/17 Learning Log

L.I-to share and assess my learning this week, using a range of openers

Yesterday we did daily mile. The types of movement we did were skipping and hopscotch. We did it for was ten minutes. It was very fun but tiring. I think I did very well at it.

This week we have been learning about Keeping Myself Safe. The first episode we watched was about a girl whose parents will not let her go to the shopping centre but she goes with her friend anyway. We had to create a drama scene around it. I was in a group with John, Kian, Hannah and me. I think I did very well in my group with not arguing.

This week I enjoyed athletics. The stations we did were hurdles, cones, bean bags, and jumping between the hurdles. My group was Louise, Edward, Zara and Niamh. My favourite station was jumping over the hurdles.


P6a Learning Log w.c. 1.5.17

This week we had our first lesson on alcohol awareness.  We had to tell our group what we know about alcohol. We learned that you have to be 18 in this country to buy alcohol but in America you have to be 21. Also, in this country, if you don’t look 25 years old you will need ID to buy alcohol.

We all designed t-shirts for the JRSO competition. They had to be bright and we could put a slogan on them to remind people not to park on the zigzags outside school. We all had different ideas and we did a great job. It will be hard to choose a winner!

On Wednesday we learned a bit more about electricity. We found out that electricity is measured in volts. Mains sockets have a much higher voltage than batteries, which is why mains electricity can be dangerous.  We got to use different electrical parts to make a circuit. Our challenge was to make something work using electricity. We made a light bulb light up, a buzzer sound, a propellor spin and discovered that a switch can be added to the circuit to control the flow of electricity. Some groups also discovered that you can make a bulb shine more brightly by using two batteries. Everyone said that they had learned something new about electricity and that they had enjoyed the lesson.

P6a Learning Log w.c. 24.4.17

Ben’s learning log

We have had lots of opportunities to practise our athletics skills this week in the gym hall, in the playground and at the Hibs stadium! We also had trials for the Interscholastics, which everyone tried really hard for.

When we went to the Hibs ground  we learned that if you want do a sport you can’t drink alcohol because you will be unfit and you will be more likely not to get in. I enjoyed going to the Hibs ground because we got to do some of the training that they do before a match.

This week we also made natural disaster posters. I was in the earthquake group with David, Michael and Josh. I learned that most earthquakes occur around the Pacific Ocean and it is safer to jump down a crack that the earth quake has created because there is a less chance of a building falling on you. Also, earthquakes are the most destructive natural disaster.


P6a Learning Log w.c. 17.4.17

Kiera’s Learning Log

On Tuesday in Spanish we made a little booklet/passport . We used one sheet of paper each . After some folding and one cut we had a booklet / passport .

Then we did P.E . We tried out for Interscholastcs .

In music we played on the guitars. We played along to the song Wild Thing .

Every day that we did daily mile Mrs. Deponio let some of us choose what to do .

I think I have improved on a lot this week because I have learned a lot more this week .

We have been busy researching about natural disasters. We had to find out what they are, what causesthem, how they affect people and how they affect the landscape. We made information posters and next week we will present our findings to the class.



P6a Learning Log w.c. 20.3.17

What is going well?

Karen – In fitness I was good at jumping on and off the benches diagonally.

Chloe – I did well at the Carroll diagrams. I found it easy and I liked the shapes I drew.

Michael G – I did well in Music working on the computers with Ben.

Zara – I think I did well in all the Fitness activities because I was always pushing myself to do better.

David – I learned a lot in Living and Growing.

Chloe – Living and Growing went well once people stopped laughing and we learned a lot of things we didn’t know before.

Karen – Most of the class has worked really hard this week, trying their best.

What could be better?

Michael G & David – I could have tried not to laugh so much during Living and Growing.

Zara – I didn’t really understand the Carroll diagrams at the beginning, but then I got a bit better.

Chloe – I found the metaphors and similes a bit confusing at first, but I worked it out in the end.

Michael S – The persuasive letter was hard because I couldn’t think what to write and didn’t want to steal anyone else’s ideas.

Karen – The class behavior could be better. Some people need to listen more carefully and improve their manners.

P6a Learning Log w.c. 13/3/17

Juliet’s Learning log

This week we have been doing hockey. In hockey we have been practicing dribbling and stopping the ball. It is surprisingly harder to stop the ball than it looks. One of the drills we were doing was going in and out the cones and while we were doing that we had to look up or else we would bump into everyone else and that made it really tricky.  I think that hockey went well because in the drill where we were dribbling in and out the cones it really improves your control of the ball.

Another thing we have been doing is the Samba parade! In Music for the last couple of weeks we have been practicing by drumming, hitting and shaking our instruments in time to sentences like 1,2,3,4,5 banana. And this week we finally got to do our Samba parade around the school!  Mr Craighead split us into 4 groups each with a sentence to play our instruments in time to. Then we started our parade around the school. It was really fun and I think that I did well at it.

This week we have been doing Sun art. Everyone chose their own idea of what could represent the Sun. Everyone’s ideas were brilliant,  they were all very creative, even though we know that the sun doesn’t have sunglasses and isn’t a superhero and is really just a medium sized star.