P5b Learning Log wk. beg. 6.3.17


This week in maths my group was working on fractions. We mainly had to find out quarters of a number. We found how to find one, two and three quarters. We played a board game to help us learn these. Now that we know the steps to do it, it is easy and a fun way to do some maths.

A Story Teller Visits

On Wednesday afternoon Fergus the story teller came and he told us a story using  picture cards this was a Japanese story telling method. It is called Kamishibai. It was about a boy that was called Peach Boy. He arrives in a village in a massive peach on the river. He is adopted by an old man and woman and has to go on a journey to fight the evil on an island nearby. Some of the skills we watched him use when he told eht  story were – he knew the story by heart, he spoke confidently, he did lots of actions and he got us to join in in some of the songs he made up. We think these are all things that will make us good story tellers.

Fairtrade Fortnight

Last week there was an assembly about Fairtrade and our challenge was to bring as many Fairtrade snacks as we can for our playtime and lunchtime. We got a sticker for every snack we brought in. This week we learnt all about how Fairtrade is not just about food but also about sports equipment. We learned that 85 per cent of all footballs sold are all made in one small village in Pakistan. Because they got money from the Fairtrade Foundation they were able to get free education, medical supplies and there was a system called micro credit. This meant they could also borrow money from Fairtrade to start up their own businesses.


This week our investigation was all about sound and how sound is made. We tried to make higher and lower sounds by stretching elastic bands. We worked out that the more area to vibrate made a lower pitch. A smaller area to vibrate make a higher pitch sound. We also investigated what made material made the best sound insulator. We tested a timer in four different materials and timed to see how long it would be until we heard the timer clearly.


We really liked doing freeze frame scenes from our novel Kenuke’s Kingdom. We were trying to show the different feelings Michael had after he was washed up on a desert island. We acted out a lot of different situations that he was in on the island and our class had to guess what the emotion was that he was feeling. We really enjoyed acting these out.

By Caitlin (we hope to have pictures next week – we are having problems with the ipads).






Website banner winners

The Pupil Council had such a hard job choosing the winners of the website banner competition! We chose a winner from each class and overall winners. Each winning entry will be displayed for a month. Well done to all the winners!

P2a Florence               P4a Ruben                 P4b Aidan                     P5a Ellie

P6a Kiera                      P6b Alba                    P7b Logan

Overall winners:

1st Logan,  2nd Aidan,  3rd  Alba

Thank you Blackwell’s!

Blackwell’s helped us to celebrate World Book Day today by bringing a stall to school. They brought enough £1 World Book Day books to ensure that each Hermie pupil go home with a free book today. They also offered  a 20% discount on their other books. It was lovely seeing so many parents and carers coming in at the end of the day to visit the stall. Thank you so much Blackwell’s!

P5b Learning Log worldbookday

P5b have dressed up as their favourite story character. Can you name all the characters we dressed up as?One of our activities was to make quiz cards about book characters and then compete against other teams for points.Then we wrote a mixed up story. We started the story writing about a pirate character and a setting, then we folded over the page, moved seat and started writing the next three parts at different tables!

Here we are reading the mixed up stories. They ended up sounding quite strange but some were very funny.
This week we were finding out the results of our science experiment.

 We were finding out what happened to egg shells in different drinks. We used egg shell to show what would happen to your teeth if you drank a lot of these drinks. The drinks we tested were, coke, orange juice, milk and water.

In coke after one week the egg shell changed colour it went black. In the orange juice the eggshell blistered. In the milk hard white bumps formed. In the water there was no change to the eggshell. We wrote down first what we thought would happen. 

When we looked at the eggshell we got a surprise in the way the eggshell had changed so much. We discovered that too much sugary drink could change the colour and rot your teeth. Fruit juice is very acid and it can also hurt your teeth but milk and water will keep your teeth strong.


P5b Learning Log

Week 20.2.17img_0449

P5b playing human tic tac toe.

Maths – Some of us have been subtracting 3 digit numbers with carrying and exchange. Other people were focussing on recognising and making their own number sequences. To help us remember our tables we have done timed times table test and human tic tac toe.

P.E – This week we started the next block of skills that we will be doing. We are learning the skills to play invasion games. Our class will be learning the rules and how to play hockey.

This week for big writing we finished our scary incident stories using similes and metaphores to make our writing more interesting. Some similes that people used in their writing were….. “he was a dead as a Dodo.” ” …they moved as slow as a slug.”    ” …as jumpy as a lion.” and …”she was green with envy.” My favourite was “life is a roller coaster.”

This week we have been discussing and talking about how to keep safe on the internet. Three facts that we learnt to keep us safe when using computers are, keep your profile private, never share credit card details, always check with your parents before you use a website.

We are learning some South African songs and dance steps in music to create our own gumboot dances. They are called gumboot dances because when working in mines people were treated badly were not allowed to talk or to bring in their drums to entertain themselves during their breaks. So the workers used their gum boots to make sounds and to communicate with each other.

by Alice



P5b Learning Log 6.2.17


This week we have been busy doing some more about time. We had to look at the written time and then say what time it would be in the time trail after we added more time to the starting point. Our challenge was to make up our own time trail for a partner to solve. Our group also did 3 digit addition to get to an amount already written.

Metaphors and Similes – Literacy

We were using similes and metaphors to make posters.  Similes are  saying something is like or as something else. ( e.g. Tom is as slow as a turtle.) A metaphor is saying something is something else but not literally. ( e.g. time is money.) We made a blurb using similes and metaphors. The blurb was about a scary incident that happened to us.

Health and Wellbeing

We were being food detectives. We learnt that our daily sugar limit is 24 grams. Too much sugar may cause diabetes or some cancers or heart disease. We looked at the sugar in different food with a sugar smart app.


We are each taking a piece of a Japanese painting and creating a class mural. We are looking at line shape and colour. We are learning to sketch our pictures before painting them with water colours.


P5b Learning Log

Literacy :

We have been learning how to use speech marks and then turning direct speech into indirect speech. We used two characters to make up a conversation. We made notes for a debate – our debate was whether it would be a good thing to sail around the world with your family for one year. We had a good discussion remembering to take turns and listen to everyone’s opinion.


We are rounding large numbers and adding and subtracting with 2 and 3 digit numbers. We are using exchange and borrowing. In our Time lessons we have been estimating how long it takes to do an activity and then finding out if we estimated correctly. This will help us to plan things that we do everyday.


Our project this term is going to be about the novel Kensuke’s Kingdom by Michael Murpurgo. It is about a boy who sails around the world with his family, but it does not all go to plan!!!


We have been looking at a painting by Hokusai – a Japanese painter. We then made our own paintings using cold and hot colours.

Class Trip:

We went on a trip to the National Library to study maps. For our project we have made maps of our lives and we will be plotting Michael’s trip around the world from the novel.

We looked at how the area around our school has changed when we went to the library.

Studying local area maps at the National Library
Beverley showed us round the exhibition and told us about all the different kinds of maps people make.

We are really looking forward to working some more with Miss MacRae, who will be teaching us for some of this term.