P5a- Outdoor Learning

We have had great fun this afternoon doing some outdoor literacy. We had to write some poems inspired by nature. Here are some pictures of us doing our poems and the finished article. We liked being outside to learn literacy! 

P5a Learning Log – 20th April

This week in maths we have been counting in tens and back and reacalling my times tables and division. It wasn’t to hard and it wasn’t to easy. We have been doing athletic throwing. I think it went well because we don’t get to do that a lot. It was fun. In topic we were making story sticks for Kensuke’s kingdom. I think it went well because its fun working in pairs. 

Topic went well because we drew. 

Maths could have gone better because it was too hard. 

Next week we are looking forward to our new topic. 

By Taba and Trinity. 

P5a – Learning Log 31st March

These are all the things that P5a thought went well this week!

Cameron – I enjoyed the trip because I have never seen a stop-motion film. I liked having no homework – it gave us time at home to do what we wanted like playing outside.

Aiden – I liked PE because it was really fun learning how to do a jab.

Ellie S – I like writing the newspapers and it was really fun and I concentrated really well which I haven’t done in a while.

Marcus – Maths because I have been learning more times tables.

Arnold – Times table posters, it helped me learn new strategies.

Sam – Kensuke’s Kingdom – I enjoyed all of it!

Paige – I enjoyed learning 5ths and tenths – it was hard but it was still fun.

Trinity – I think Maths was good because I liked working with Nicole and it made it much better working together.

We are all looking forward to the holidays!

P5a – Learning Log 16th March

By Marcus and Taba.

This week in living and growing we have been learning about how babies are made I think it went well because we watched a video about it and did some fun work sheets. 

This week in PE we played a fun games called king of the ring and we did some practices for races in teams. It was really fun.

In topic we had to pretend to be Michael or Kensuke and act as if we were them.I think it went well because some of us got to go on the website week. 

In maths we’ve been doing work on fractions like quarters and tenths, it was hard but it is easier now.  

P5a – Learning log 9th March

P5a had such a busy week this week that we did our Learning Log as a whole class.

Here are some of the things that we think went well this week and why;

Miko – Maths because I enjoy maths much more than I used to, I am finding the maths work much easier now.

Taba – I think the Japanese fans went well because I had quite a detailed painting.

Oliver – Haves and quarters because I am finding the work pretty easy, I think I remember some stuff from P4 which is helping me.

Arnold – Maths, I enjoy it and it is easy.

Paige – Big writing for fairtrade, I liked taking notes on the video and finding out new things about it.

Maisie – I enjoyed living and growing because I found out new stuff that I didn’t know before.

P5a – Drama based on Kensuke’s Kingdom

We have been acting out characters from the book ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’. We had to become one of the character and imagine how we would feel. We had to answer questions from others in our group as if we were that character.

The characters we were being were Kensuke now, Kensuke when he first arrived on the island, Michael now and Michael when he first arrived on the island.

We had to sit in the position that the character would be in so if we were Kensuke we sat bent over.

Here is a clip of Mia acting out Kensuke now! 

Website banner winners

The Pupil Council had such a hard job choosing the winners of the website banner competition! We chose a winner from each class and overall winners. Each winning entry will be displayed for a month. Well done to all the winners!

P2a Florence               P4a Ruben                 P4b Aidan                     P5a Ellie

P6a Kiera                      P6b Alba                    P7b Logan

Overall winners:

1st Logan,  2nd Aidan,  3rd  Alba

P5a – world book day

We had greate fun in P5a celebrating world book day! We dressed up as our favourite book characters, can you guess who we all are? Miss Firth will give a house point to anyone who comes in with a list of who everyone is dressed up as!

We also went up to the library to visit Blackwells who had come to the school for the day, it was great to be able to buy books using our book tokens.