P3a Learning Log 7th Decemberp

This week in maths we learned how to count money and we had a shop and a worksheet. The shop was fun.

In P.E. we did a minibeast dance and we had to act like a spider.

We read a book and it told us how to spot a bear. Then we found out facts about black and brown bears.

This week in literacy we did a Read, Write, Count book called ‘Above and Below’. We had to put the animals in groups.

We were learning about the rainforest too. We made ‘Save the Rainforest’ posters.

I need to get better at comprehension and Cole needs to get better at listening and writing.

Tymi and Cole

P3a Learning Log 30th November

This week in maths we played a money game and it was fun. We had to choose the right coins to buy a toy.

The triangles group also counted in 10s off the decade, like 21 31 41 51.

This week in literacy we did fun worksheets to help us get better at spelling.

The moon and stars groups read about mini beasts and answered questions. Also we did -Ed words, like calmed.

In topic we learnt about the different animals from the rainforest. We learnt about the toucan and the golden lion tamarind monkey, the harpy eagle, the manatee and the grey mouse lemur.

This week in gym we played football with Neil and we did Scottish dancing.

We need to get better at listening.

Aaira and Kaitlyn

Aaira and Kaitlyn Learning about rainforest animals

P3a Learning Log 23rd November 

This week in P.E. we did dancing. We learnt a Scottish dance and a Mexican hat dance. We enjoyed the dancing.

This week we did football with Shaun and we dribbled around cones. We did well.

This week in maths we learnt to describe the properties of 3D shapes and it was really fun. We went outside to look for 3D shapes in the playground.

In literacy we learnt to take away Y and add ied. 

It’s Mr Thompson’s last day. We will miss him, so we made a card for him. 

In music the Junior choir sang a nice song to us. 

Our topic is the Rainforest and we found out that a sloth has insects living on it. 

We need to get better at listening and concentrating.

Charlie and Erskine. 

Mr Thompson with P3a on his last day



We worked hard and had to listen well to complete our rainforest posters.

Developing research skills

We created our own moves for the Mexican dance.

The Mexican Hat Dance

Charlie and Erskine

P3a Learning Log 16th November 

This week in art we made colourful rainforest snakes:.

This week in social studies we learnt rainforest layers and what each one is like. We drew one.

This week in PE we learnt a Scottish danc called the Virginia Reel.

This week in maths we learnt about the properties of 3D shapes. We Worked with shapes to see if they could stack, roll and slide.

 In literacy we learnt about past tense verbs ending in -ed.

Courtney needs to get better at spelling and Zoe needs to get better at mental maths.

Courtney and Zoe

Snakes in the making

Mohab was P.E. star for our Fitness block.

More snakes

Zoe and Courtney

Our finished snakes

Robyn’s maths starter

Do you like our rainforest display?

P3a Learning Log 9th November 

This week in maths we were learning about 3D shapes and we learnt some new words and they are vertices and faces and edges.

This week in art we made our first paper red eyed tree frogs. We’re getting better at colourings and cutting out.

This week in literacy we learnt about -ed past tense verbs with the sound t.

This week in PE we were learning about basketball. 

We need to get better at spelling and listening.

Martin and Finlay


Do you like our red-eyed tree frogs?

We made our parrots in groups.

Punctuation practice

Martin and Finlay

Georgia’s maths starter

Mohab’s spelling practice

Homework presentations

P3a Learning Log 2nd November 

This week in maths we counted in 4s, we subtracted 2 digit numbers and we learnt 2D shapes.

In big writing we wrote  a letter home from the Titanic.

In literacy we’re learning to put -ed at the end of verbs in the past tense. 

Today we watched a Scottish Opera show about Tam’o Shanter.

In art we made parrots with our hands.

In P.E we did basketball with Mrs McLaughlin.

I need to get better at spelling and Ayla needs to get better at spelling too.

Robyn and Ayla

Robyn and Ayla


Nina’s maths starter

Buddy afternoon

Buddy afternoon

Robyn’s spelling activity

Where in the world are the rainforests?

Here they are.

P3a Learning Log 26th October 

This week in maths we were learning about 2D shapes and we went outside to find shapes in the playground.

In topic we started the rainforest and we watched a video. We learnt that it covers 7% of the earth.

In music were playing with the instruments and drums. It was fun.

I need to get better at spelling and Kendyll needs to get better at writing 

Rory and Kendyll

Keeping in time.

Oh, this is fun!

Rory and Kendyll

Literacy at work

Outdoor learning: looking for shapes in the playground.

P3a Learning Log 13th October 

This week in maths we learnt about left and right. We also did directions in the playground. It was fun. In class on Thursday we played Grid Zoo to learn about  Grid references.

In writing we wrote a diary and we pretended to be a pasenger on the Titanic. We wrote about the beautiful bedrooms.

In topic we made some models of the Titanic with our partner.

We need to get better at spelling.

Nina and Georgia

Georgia with the Titanic model she made for homework.

Nina and Georgia

‘On the Titanic’ writing our diaries.

Have I got enough glue?

Technology at work.

Making models of the Titanic

P3a Learning Log 6th October 

This week in topic we learnt about the people on the Titanic and we did a worksheet and drama. We were having dinner with the captain in our drama. It was fun.

In maths we  were counting backwards and forwards in fours. We were making a line of symmetry in shapes.

In writing we made up our own marvellous medicine. Mine was to stop my sister being annoying and Kian’s was to stop his Grandad reading the newspaper all the time.

We need to get better at spelling.

Dan and Kian

Homework presentations

Homework presentations

Homework presentations

Nina’s maths starter

Enjoying symmetry

Hard at work in maths

Dan and Kian

P3a Learning Log 22nd September 

This week in maths we’ve been counting forward and back in 3s and 5s. We’ve also been adding and subtracting 10. The squares group have been adding two 2 digit numbers. We need to remember our number bonds to 10 and 20.

In literacy we’ve had reading assessments and we’re learning to use more adjectives to make our sentences more interesting.

In science we’re learning about magnets and the materials which are magnetic and non-magnetic.

We really like learning about the Titanic. This week we’ve been looking at the differences between the first class and third class cabins. First class cabins were very posh and had chandeliers.

Making colour patterns in maths

‘Picture It’ with Bogis, Bunce and Bean.

Parsnips from the P3 garden

Homework presentations

Homework presentations

Learning to play the guitar in music