P3a Learning Log 8th February 2018

This week in topic we were learning about Greyfriars Bobby. We watched some of the film about Greyfriars Bobby. Bobby’s master was a night watchman. Bobby stayed beside him all the time.

In maths we learnt how to tell the time. We learnt o’clock, quarter past, quarter to and half past.

In big writing we told an Alien where to go in Scotland and what famous buildings to visit.

In P.E. we did gymnastics. We learnt how to do forward rolls and backward rolls and we climbed the climbing frame.

Nina got the P.E. award for the gymnastics block.

Comic Book Heroes came again and we learnt how to record our voices. It was fun.

Robyn & Kendyll

Recording our voices for ‘Comic Book Heroes’

What’s the time?

Maths starter


Drama: Interviewing Robert Burns

Homework tasks: shortbread and a model of the National Monument of Scotland

Zoe and Kendyll

P3a Learning Log 2nd February 2018

This week in writing we created a story about a monster and Erskine’s was called Stonna and Finlay’s was called Huge Tuffy.

This week in literacy we learnt about adverbs. They tell you more about verbs.

In maths we learnt about time and we are OK at it.

In P.E we played games with a parachute and it was amazing!

In topic we learnt about Greyfriars Bobby.

This week we learnt how to draw superheroes with Helen and Michael, a cartoonist.

We need to get better at spelling and not moving off green on the chart.

Our wish is to go on a trip to the castle.

Erskine and Finlay

Parachute games

We designed superheroes with special powers to challenge bullying.

Spelling practice

Our mythical water creatures

Erskine and Finlay

P3a Learning Log 18th January 2018

This week We had a great week because Generation Science came and we did cool experiments to make a fizz.

This week in topic we learnt about cool places to go in Edinburgh and Scotland, like the castles and Ben Nevis.

In art we made tartans and we coloured Scotty dogs and thistles.

In literacy we learnt words ending in -er, like longer and smoother.

This week in maths we learnt about units of time and we did a worksheet. We learnt how many days are in a year and a leap year. There are 365 days in a year and 366 in a leap year.

We need to keep working on our spelling.

Dan and Kian

Generation Science

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Maths Starter


Addition using a number line


Dan and Kian holding William, the Roslyn Chapel cat and his passport!


Learning numbers in Spanish

P3a Learning Log 11th January 2018

Happy New Year!

This week we made New Year’s resolutions. Mine is to exercise more and Zahra’s is to eat vegetables.

In maths we learnt about money and giving change from £1 and 50p. We played a Toy Shop game in class.

This week in topic we learnt about Scotland. We wrote down what we knew and some questions.

In .P.E. we learned gymnastics and we climbed the climbing frame. It was good fun.

In literacy we learnt how to use a and an. When the word begins with a consonant, you use a and if it’s a vowel, you use an.

Robyn and Zahra

Planning our topic.

Maths starter- making 24

Gymnastics in action

P3a Learning Log 7th Decemberp

This week in maths we learned how to count money and we had a shop and a worksheet. The shop was fun.

In P.E. we did a minibeast dance and we had to act like a spider.

We read a book and it told us how to spot a bear. Then we found out facts about black and brown bears.

This week in literacy we did a Read, Write, Count book called ‘Above and Below’. We had to put the animals in groups.

We were learning about the rainforest too. We made ‘Save the Rainforest’ posters.

I need to get better at comprehension and Cole needs to get better at listening and writing.

Tymi and Cole

P3a Learning Log 30th November

This week in maths we played a money game and it was fun. We had to choose the right coins to buy a toy.

The triangles group also counted in 10s off the decade, like 21 31 41 51.

This week in literacy we did fun worksheets to help us get better at spelling.

The moon and stars groups read about mini beasts and answered questions. Also we did -Ed words, like calmed.

In topic we learnt about the different animals from the rainforest. We learnt about the toucan and the golden lion tamarind monkey, the harpy eagle, the manatee and the grey mouse lemur.

This week in gym we played football with Neil and we did Scottish dancing.

We need to get better at listening.

Aaira and Kaitlyn

Aaira and Kaitlyn Learning about rainforest animals