P3a Learning Log 13th October 

This week in maths we learnt about left and right. We also did directions in the playground. It was fun. In class on Thursday we played Grid Zoo to learn about  Grid references.

In writing we wrote a diary and we pretended to be a pasenger on the Titanic. We wrote about the beautiful bedrooms.

In topic we made some models of the Titanic with our partner.

We need to get better at spelling.

Nina and Georgia

Georgia with the Titanic model she made for homework.
Nina and Georgia
‘On the Titanic’ writing our diaries.
Have I got enough glue?
Technology at work.
Making models of the Titanic

P3a Learning Log 6th October 

This week in topic we learnt about the people on the Titanic and we did a worksheet and drama. We were having dinner with the captain in our drama. It was fun.

In maths we  were counting backwards and forwards in fours. We were making a line of symmetry in shapes.

In writing we made up our own marvellous medicine. Mine was to stop my sister being annoying and Kian’s was to stop his Grandad reading the newspaper all the time.

We need to get better at spelling.

Dan and Kian

Homework presentations
Homework presentations
Homework presentations
Nina’s maths starter
Enjoying symmetry
Hard at work in maths
Dan and Kian

P3a Learning Log 22nd September 

This week in maths we’ve been counting forward and back in 3s and 5s. We’ve also been adding and subtracting 10. The squares group have been adding two 2 digit numbers. We need to remember our number bonds to 10 and 20.

In literacy we’ve had reading assessments and we’re learning to use more adjectives to make our sentences more interesting.

In science we’re learning about magnets and the materials which are magnetic and non-magnetic.

We really like learning about the Titanic. This week we’ve been looking at the differences between the first class and third class cabins. First class cabins were very posh and had chandeliers.

Making colour patterns in maths
‘Picture It’ with Bogis, Bunce and Bean.
Parsnips from the P3 garden
Homework presentations
Homework presentations
Learning to play the guitar in music

P3a Learning Log 19th to 23rd June

This week in maths we were rounding numbers to the nearest 10 & 100. We played a dartboard game on Top Marks. We did well.

We met our new teacher on Wednesday and we coloured in bunting to make the class library look colourful.

One of our classmates made a PowerPoint about Smiggle and it was interesting.

In P.E. we did a mushroom game, football and tenni. We loved it.

On Thursday we did a talent show. I sang ‘Happy’ (Justin) and Leah did a dance with Millie D.

We need to get better at capital letters and full stops.

Justin and Leah

Leah and Justin
Fun with the parachute
Alexei made a PowerPoint to test our measuring skills.
Book covers for ‘Flat Stanley in Space’
Homework presentations
Sing as you play
P3a has talent!

P3a Learning Log 12th to 16th June

This week we liked doing the voting. Each candidate did a little speech about what they want to do. Here are our some of our slogans. Vote Ruri to make the school a better place. Vote Alexei for a fairer world.

This week we had our sports day primary 1-3. Alexei took part in the hurdles race and came 4th and Ruri took part in the sprint race and came 2nd. It was really fun!

This week we met our P4 teacher called Miss Milne. She was really fun and kind and we got to do dazzle patterns for the first letter of our name. It was really fun!

To improve, Alexei needs to use more punctuation and Ruri needs to get better at problem solving.

Alexei and Ruri

Ruri and Alexei

Fair trade Committee candidates
Health committee hopefuls
Pupil Council candidates
Eco committee hopefuls
Ballot papers at the ready
Adding 2 digit numbers
In our sports houses, ready for action!

P3a Learning Log 5th to 9th June

This week in maths we were measuring things in the classroom. We were measuring our heights. It was fun. Annabel, Ella and Elise are the tallest in the class. I am 132cm and Celeste is 129cm.

We practised dancing for Leith Festival. It was fun and our dancing was wonderful! The teacher was proud of us.

We all made a poster and rosettes for voting for the committee reps.  We really enjoyed that. The rosettes looked colourful.

In P.E. we did some of the potted sports for sports day.

Nadia and Celeste

Do you like our rosettes for voting day?
Making manifesto posters
Nadia and Celeste
Lexi practises adding on an empty number line.
See what we can do!

P3a Learning Log 29th May to 2nd June

This week in maths the triangles did the four times table and the squares added two digits together on an empty number line.  The whole class were playing the measuring guessing game and we all did a measuring in cm worksheet. 

This week in writing we wrote a letter to the BFG to stop the giants eating all the children of the world. 

This week in reading we were reading in groups and we did a worksheet about survival kits and what you need.

This week in topic we learnt about the digestive system and we watched a kidshealth video. It was funny when the characters went round the digestive system.

I need to work a bit faster on the maths worksheets. Ruri

I need to get better at listening. Lewis
Lewis and Ruri