P2a Learning Log 19.06.17-23.06.17

What is going well?

“ I enjoyed learning about Ramadan in RME.” –Florence

“I enjoyed writing our own stories in literacy.” –Amy

“I enjoyed watching The Hobbit.” –Kaitlyn

“I enjoyed learning about quarters and halves in maths.” –Ayla

“I learned how to count to 70 in French.” -Krystian


What could be better?

“I would like to learn more about taking away in maths.” –Rory

“I would like to learn my 10 times tables.” –Nina

“I would like to learn about numbers under 0. For example, -1,-2, -3.” –Martin

“To count to 100 in French.” –Tymi

“To play more tricky word hangman in literacy.” -Kian



P2a Learning Log 12.06.17-16.06.17

What is going well?

“I have learnt about halves and quarters in maths.” –Ronnie

“I liked doing pictures in the style of Laurel Burch.” –Kendyll

“I liked going to vote for the committees this week.” –Florence

“I liked learning about how to look after pets.” –Jackson

“I have been learning about quarters and halves, I think it is easy.” -Rory


What could be better?

“If we could learn about thirds in maths.” –Georgia

“In topic I would like to learn about dangerous animals you can find in the jungle.”


“To learn about extinct animals.” –Kaitlyn

“To learn more about endangered animals.” –Rory

“To go outside to do some learning.” -Amy

This week we learnt about the artist Laurel Burch. We looked at her artwork and discussed the style of her work. We noticed that she likes to use bright colours and patterns and a lot of her work is about living things. We then created our own pet pictures following this style. We all enjoyed this task and our artwork looks fantastic! 

This week in maths we have been learning about fractions. We learnt about halves and quarters and played games to help us. Here are some photos of us learning. 

P2a Learning Log 05.06.17-09.06.17

What is going well?

“ I have learnt to tap out syllables in a word. This helps me to read and write big words.” –Rory

“I was learning my number bonds to 20 in maths.” –Kaitlyn

“I liked writing my own story in literacy. I wrote a storey about a hens life cycle.”


“I was learning to subtract in maths.” –Amy

“I have been practising older sounds that I had forgotten to help me when I am word building.” -Florence


What could be better?

“If we could do more football with the Hibs coach again to learn more skills.”


“To go on another trip, like the zoo, to learn about animals.” –Erskine

“To learn tennis in p.e.” –Kendyll

“To learn more times tables.” –Amy

“To learn more division (sharing) sums.” –Kian

In maths this week we have been learning about fractions. We took part in a variety of activities throughout the lesson to help us find half of a whole shape. 

P2a Learning Log 29.05.17-02.06.17

What is going well?

“We learnt the French alphabet, it was quite hard but I know most of it now.”

– Martin

“I was learning my number bonds to 20.” –Florence

“We have been learning about animals in our topic.” –Ethar

“We were using adjectives to describe animals.” – Zoe

“We were learning to use the connectives ‘and’ and ‘but’ to join sentences together to make them longer .” –Nina


What could be better?

“To learn more about food chains.”–Krystian

“To learn some of the words we know in French in Spanish.” – Kian

“To get more games on the ipads for number bonds to 10 and 20.”-Kendyll

“To learn more alphabet games in French.” –Amy

“To count up to 100 in French, I can only count to 39 just now.” -Dan

This week in maths we made a class pictograph about eye colour. After, we created the graph we worked with a partner to make questions for others to answer about our graph. 

We have also been doing some imaginary writing this week. We have learnt a lot about animals over the last few weeks and used what what we know to create our own imaginary  animals. We used different parts of animals to create our creatures and wrote about where they live, what they eat and then gave a description of what our animal looked like. We really enjoyed this task and loved looking at each other’s animals. Here are some pictures of our writing

P2a trip to Gorgie Farm

Last week we went on a trip to Gorgie Farm to help us learn about different animals and how to look after them. We had a great day walking around the farm and learnt a lot of new things. We also got the opportunity to handle a few of the animals on the farm including a guinea pig, tortoise and hedgehog. Here are some pictures from our day at the farm. 

P2a Learning Log 22.05.17-26.05.17

What is going well?

“We used tally marks in maths to make a bar graph.” –Rory

“We learnt about the connective but and and in literacy.” –Krystian

“We learnt how to count to 29 in French.” –Tymi

“We learnt how to say the full date in French every day this week.” –Florence

“We made up our own animals in big writing and wrote facts about them.” –Amy


What could be better?

“To play more football games in in p.e.” –Kian

“To learn how to count up to 100 in French.” –Dan

“Some people need to be better at listening to instructions.”-Ethar

“To get more literacy games on the ipads.” –Kendyll

“To go on another trip to find out about more animals-deep sea world to find out about under the sea animals.” -Erskine

In topic this week we made paper chain food chains. It was really fun and we learnt about the food chain of woodland animals. 

P2a Learning Log 15.05.17-19.05.17

What is going well?

“I liked learning about food chains. I know that the arrow shows is eaten by.” -Tymi

“I liked doing cosmic yoga.” –Kaitlyn

“I enjoyed learning our new tricky words, they are your, called and sentence.”


“I learned about a frog life cycle and like looking at the tadpoles in the class.” –Rory

“I was learning to use the connectives and and but in my sentences.” -Robyn


What could be better?

“I would like to do more loose parts play.” –Florence

I want to do the daily mile everyday since we didn’t do it every day this week.” 

– Krystian

“I would like to do more team races in p.e.” –Erskine

“More people need to listen to and follow instructions straight away.” –Ayla

“To learn more new tricky words.” -Georgia. 

This week in literacy we have been working on sentence writing and reordering mixed up sentences. Here are a few examples.

We also learnt about place value in maths and we played a game to help us building numbers using 100s, 10s and units. 

In topic this week we learnt about food chains. We looked at food chains under the sea using a shark as the predator and made pictures to show what we learnt. 

P2a Learning Log 08.05.17-12.05.17

What is going well?

“I learned about plurals in literacy. Plural means more than one. –Georgia

“I learned that caterpillars start as eggs and then they go into a cocoon for 15 days before becoming a butterfly.”   –Kendyll

“I know that singular means one and plural means more than one.” –Dan

“I was learning to count syllables in words.” –Kaitlyn

“I was using my new tricky words in sentences this week.” -Martin


What could be better?

“I would like more games on the ipads..” –Dan

“More people need to listen to instructions straight away.” –Ayla

“To learn to write more compound words in literacy.” -Courtney

“I would like to get better at taking away in maths.” –Finlay D



This week as part of our topic we have been learning about the life cycle of a frog. We had fun making frog headbands which show each stage of the life cycle.

We are also very lucky and have tadpoles in our classroom! We have been watching the tadpoles grow and hopefully will see them change into frogs before we break up for summer.







P2a Learning Log 01.05.17-05.05.17

What is going well?

“I liked learning how to use tally marks, I know that when you get to 5 you need to put a line through the middle.” –Ayla

“ We learnt the tricky words ‘know’ and ‘walk’ in literacy”. –Georgia

“We learnt about using the connective ‘and’ to join two sentences together.”


“I liked learning about how a butterfly changes in it’s life cycle.” –Robyn

“I was learning to count syllables in words in literacy. “ –Kaitlyn.


What could be better?

“I would like to play the game of 11 in French again.” –Zahra

“I want to learn about football in p.e again.” –Finlay D

“When we do our topic work I would like to learn about hamsters and how to look after them.” –Dan

“In topic we could talk about the pets we have and what they are called.” –Jackson

“I want to learn about lions and where they live.” –Rory


In literacy this week we have been learning about the connective ‘and’. We know that we use ‘and’ to join two sentences together. One of our activities was to come up with our own sentences which had to have a compound word and the connective ‘and’ in them. Here are a few examples of our work:

IMG_9294IMG_9291 (2)IMG_9295IMG_9296


We have also been learning how to order bigger numbers in maths!