P1b Learning Log Wb: 4th December 2017

What is going well?

Sophie and Mia enjoy sitting on the carpet with the class to learn new sounds and number work.

Millie enjoys learning about new topics and likes learning all sorts of new things.

Millie also enjoys making new friends.

Cody likes playing games during P.E.

Stephen enjoys learning about numbers and learning new letters (sounds). He also makes some fantastic creations with the building blocks.

Jamie likes to play the ‘Bubbles – Count to 100’ game on the Smart Board.

Daniel still enjoys running the daily mile in the playground.

What could be better?

Stephen and Jamie say that we have to remember to keep being nice to each other.

Sophie says that saying, ‘Stop it!’ is a sensible way to respond if someone upsets you.  If you upset someone you should say, ‘Sorry!’ and maybe give that person a hug.

Felix doesn’t like it when people play football in the playground.  It takes up space and the ball sometimes hits someone.

Darcy, Emma and Lachlan would like to have a house play area in both of the P1 classrooms.

P1b Learning Log wb:13.11.17

What is going well?

Millie likes to read quietly in the story corner.

Orla enjoys climbing on the monkey bars as it keeps her fit.

Daniel enjoys playtime because he gets to play with his friends.

Felix likes school dinners, as he gets to try different foods.

Abbie thinks that the daily mile is good because Mrs. Ross has fun in the playground as they walk.

Lachlan enjoys running around in the playground because he can make lots of noise.

Stephen says that learning his numbers is hard, but he likes learning with his friends.

What could be better?

Archie thinks that it would be good to have more iPads so that the children don’t argue over them.

Latisha would like to do baking with her friends when they make playdough in the class.



P1b Learning Log wb: 20.11.17

What is going well?

Leon and Alan enjoyed building with the bricks.

Daniel enjoys practising his maths on the iPads.

Sophie and Darcy like learning about numbers. They learn so quickly!

Sonny, Jamie and Stephen enjoy making submarines with the bricks.

Cody and Sophie enjoy PE.  Doing PE makes you fit and gives you more energy.

Sonny, Oliwia and Latisha enjoyed writing this week’s sounds with crayons and painting over them.

Abbie enjoys learning new sounds and making words.

What could be better?

Millie thought that a slime pool and a water chute would be great additions to school!

Lexi thinks that having more iPads at Golden Time would be fun.

Latisha thinks that school is fun anyway.







P1b Learning Log – WB: 23.10.17

What is going well?

Lachlan likes learning new sounds by practising on the iPads.

Sophie likes learning new sounds and says that ‘h’ is for hedgehog!

Cody, Alan and Leon enjoyed their trip to Lochend Park, especially when they got to feed the ducks.

Stephen is looking forward to the superheroes disco on Hallowe’en

Daniel really enjoyed the drama ‘taster’ lesson – ‘We got to be giants, witches and elves.’

What could be better?

Orla and Stephen would like more displays in the classroom that show what sounds and number work we have been learning.

Mia wants to learn more sounds.

Emma and Orla want the role-play area to be a puppet show for ‘Hansel and Gretel’.

Cody would like to play on the swings and other ‘toys’ in Lochend Park.

P1b Learning Log WB: 19.10.17

What is going well in P1b?

Orla liked drawing ‘People Who Help Us’ as part of our topic activities.

Oliwia likes learning about numbers.

Abbie says that she likes learning sounds – “e is for elephant!”

What could be better?

Niamh said that she would like to take our pet dog Minty home.  Luckily for Niamh, she was chosen as the star pupil this week and got her wish.  Well done!

Sonny said he wishes that we had a swimming pool, as he is a good swimmer.

What did we enjoy most?

Felix enjoys numeracy and likes playing games with dice. He really enjoyed being in the police van.

Lexi enjoyed the visit from the SSPCA and said,”We learned how to help animals if they are hurt or lost.”

P1b Learning Log WB: 02.10.17

What is going well in P1b?

Cody enjoys Golden Time – he is learning to colour in neatly.

Sonny also enjoys Golden Time and playing with his friends.

Felix says that the class is getting better at tidying-up.  Well done!

Millie enjoys literacy and word-building.

Leo likes literacy as he likes learning new sounds (letters).

Lachlan enjoyed reading his first reading book from school.

Everyone in P1b is still enjoying school.

What do we think could be better?

Sophie says that the climbing frame in the playground gets too busy, so it would be better if everyone lined-up to have a turn.