Nursery News


Dear Nursery Parents and Carers

Volcanoes have still been of interest this week in nursery. The volcano experiment was carried out in the garden.  The pupils watched the volcano erupt using the experiment with bicarbonate of soda and vinegar.  The children used fabulous vocabulary such as ‘dormant,’ lava and ‘extinct’. This is the beginning of understanding chemical reactions and the world around us. Continue reading

Nursery Learning Log 23.6.17

Today, some of the children went to Lochend Park to release the frogs into the loch.  We have looked after the tadpoles and watched them transform into frogs over many weeks. Whilst we were at the park we also saw some cygnets and swans and enjoyed feeding all the birds.

We also loved performing at the Garden Party! We have been singing our French songs all week long 😀

Here are a few photos….

Nursery Learning Log 16.6.17

This week we rehearsed our Garden Party show in front of our P5 buddies. They were very impressed and we only need to work on being a bit louder when speaking and singing. 😊 We have worked so hard and all our teachers are very proud of how much French we can understand and speak.

We have also enjoyed the ice cream parlour role play this week. We have made ice creams using art materials and also on a smartboard ict game. Have a look at our photos!

Nursery Learning Log 9.6.17

We have been enjoying our camping theme this week and had a special picnic with our teddies. On Monday we had to have this indoors because of the weather but we were lucky to have sunshine on Wednesday. Have a look at our tasty treats!

We have also been practising writing our names for the start of Primary 1. We have been matching letters too and thinking of words that begin with different sounds.

Nursery Learning Log 2.6.17

This week we were waiting for the Fire Brigade to visit us. Unfortunately they were out on an emergency call in the morning but luckily they managed to visit in the afternoon. The children were delighted to get a chance to use the hose and climb into the fire engine. Some of us even tried on the helmets. It was so exciting! We are learning how to evacuate during a fire alarm and have been really sensible during fire drills. Well done to the nursery children.

On Monday AM and Wed PM we are going to have a picnic in the outdoor area. Please bring along a teddy. We are going to have some fun summery snacks!

Please continue to read the nursery noticeboards as we have lots going on in the final few weeks of term. There is still time to sign up for the Garden Party too and we are getting very excited about performing our songs. 😊

Nursery Learning Log 26.5.17

Our butterflies are here! We have really enjoyed watching the process from caterpillar to butterfly. Now they need to have some food before they are set free. We have put some sugared leaves and oranges in the net for them.

We have been practising our songs for the Garden Show. If you would like to come along please sign up on the sheet in the cloakroom. We have been lucky with the weather this week and have done some art outside. We are busy making things for the show and doing lots of drawing and painting.

Our French word of the week and singalong is ‘un arc en ciel’ -rainbow.

We had a chat on the carpet with our partners about what we have enjoyed doing this week and what we would like to do next.

“I wish we had a paddling pool!” – Joy

“We could have a ball pit in the nursery!” – David

“We like the superstar sofa.” – David

“We could dress up in rainbow colours.” – Millie

“I like playing with the fire station play mobil, we could have more play mobil.” – Faye

“I liked playing with the water. We could have a water wall!” – Teigan

“We have enjoyed being outside in the sunshine!” Everyone



Nursery Learning Log 19.5.17

We have been learning about the properties of 3D shapes by exploring during block play and construction and playing smart board games.

We are singing French songs everyday and can count to ten through our song. We are also keen to practise writing our numbers.

This month pre school children are visiting P1 a lot. We are really excited about starting P1 and have enjoyed talking to current P1s about what to expect.

Nursery Learning Log 12.5.17

We are talking about transitions and moving on. Some of us are preparing to move into Primary 1. We have already started visiting the classrooms and becoming familiar with the setting. In the coming weeks we will be spending more time in the classrooms and visiting the playground too.  We are also enjoying the school role play area in the nursery and dressing up in school uniform!

Nursery Learning Log 5.2.17

We have our own tadpoles. We are looking to see what happens next in their life cycle. Our new caterpillars are already growing fast!

Next week we will start looking at transitions ourselves with many of us getting ready to move onto school. We will be visiting the P1 classrooms whilst the current P1s are having break and this will give us a chance to start familiarising ourselves with the class layout.

In our garden, we also have a new vegetable planter and will be planting some of our seeds and bulbs ready for the summer.  Many thanks again to the volunteers who are helping with our garden project, it is looking great so far!

Nursery Learning Log 28.4.17

This week we have been learning colours in French. We now know 6 colours! We find ‘jaune’ and ‘rose’ a bit tricky but are really good at ‘rouge’, ‘bleu’, ‘vert’ and ‘orange’.  Devyn, Faye and Millie are confident singing our colours song.

We have been enjoying playing with the construction blocks outside and are now taking more responsibility for tidying away. Many thanks to David’s Mum and Dad for helping to erect the storage unit.

We have also enjoyed playing in the cardboard boxes and using our imaginations with these.

In the sensory room we have been lucky to get some new toys. We particularly like the light baton which feels jaggy and the new optic fibre lights which feel like soft grass.

Our life cycles focus is continuing and we have been growing cress and talking about butterflies. We are still awaiting our delivery of caterpillars….