P4a Learning Log – Week beginning 29th May 2017


This week we were learning a bit about genetics and inheriting different characteristics from our Mums and Dads. We heard about the wee, wild and fast-moving Reebop creatures and set-out to make some of our own. We had to select chromosomes from the Mum and Dad Reebop to make the baby. Each Reebop is unique – just like us! We were learning new vocabulary as well – genes, chromosomes, DNA. We eventually had to set the baby Reebops free but managed to get some photos before they shot off!

P4a Learning Log – 5th May 2017

What is going well?

Living Things – we have been learning about the different vertebrate groups – amphibians, mammals, reptiles, birds and fish. We were searching on ipads and in books for information and we played matching card games. To learn about vertebrates and invertebrates we had to cut out and sort the different groups. We done really fun activities and learned about animals with and without backbones.
(Ellis, Ruben, Kalyssa, Joey)

Measurement – I understand that you need skills like measuring sugar to bake a cake. I understand measurement because I knew what centimetres and different lengths were. We need to be able to measure lengths because if you were getting a new couch you would need to know what length and width it would be to fit in. (Marc, Danny, Finn)

Spelling – we are able to use sounding out and the spelling patterns in our spelling. In our test most people used these skills well. (Scarlett)

P4a Learning Log – 21st April 2017

Drama – we enjoyed doing the drama and making our group scenes and characters. It was fun and my group had a meerkat character called The Cat. (Maisie)

In art we made group landscapes. In my group we had to keep changing the mountains lines to make them join. It was fun. (Charlotte)

In maths we were doing addition and it was fun. (Charles)
It was good adding 3 digit numbers and using a different strategy to work it out. (Emma)
I liked it when we played the addition slide game on the ipad because everyone could play together. (Emma)

I enjoyed learning about RME because we learned about how life is not so easy for people in places like South Sudan. Famine is really bad. (Ellis)

We are looking forward to running our Social Enterprise Toast Café – Café Pain.


The Old Man of Hoy, Shetland – Maisie, Ella, Alfie and Ava


The Pentland Hills, nr. Edinburgh – Ruben, Ellis, Scarlett and Harry


The Glenfinnan Monument, Lochaber – Mia, Miller, Cammy and Kritakshi


Loch Lomond, The Trossachs – Joey, Charlotte, Kalyssa and Charles


Tobermory, The Isle of Mull – Aiden, Danny, Finn and Marc


St. Ninian’s Isle, Shetland – Emma, Dominik, Lainey and Cayley

P4a Learning Log – 24th March 2017

Maths – my group did very well with division this week. We saw the link between multiplying and dividing. If it was 5×4=20, it would be 20÷4=5.     (Danny)
Scotland Posters – Marc, Alfie and me made a good poster for the Glenfinnan Viaduct. We had words and pictures. We drew a train going over the Viaduct.      (Harry)
Everybody got their posters finished and were able to show them to the class.      (Ava)
Handwriting – I was good at the joined up writing this week as I was a lot faster this week.      (Marc)
Art – I enjoyed making a sporran out of paper and paper clips. It goes with my kilt.        (Cayley)
ICT – on Education City I was learning about science and how people are different.        (Danny)

Our Star Moments this week –

Netball – we have been learning different passes and how to catch.    (Danny)

Big Writing – we all wrote letters pretending to be a different character.      (Harry)

Our wish – more time on the computers!

P4a World Book Day

Wiek img_0437

World Book Day fun in P4a!

We enjoyed dressing up as our favourite book characters today and started our day with a school assembly. Then we worked together to make a comic strip based on an adventure for one of the sea monkeys from our class novel, ‘Oliver and the Seawigs’ by Reeve and McIntyre. We also started a new novel ‘One dog and his boy’ by Eva Ibbotson. We are reading this together.

P7b Learning Log 16th-20th January


This week in maths we were learning about enterprise as well as tying up loose ends in volume and surface area. On the subject of volume and area, instead of a boring test we created 3D buildings out of paper (only using cubes and cuboids) and then calculated the surface area and volume of the buildings. We also began to scratch the surface of enterprise and budgeting. We were given a scenario in which we had to organise a craft sale. From BOGOF to buying 800 envelopes, we had to do all the budgeting, calculations and everything in between.


At the time of writing this, it is drawing ever closer to Burns night so in celebration of this world famous poet we are studying one of his more famous works, Tam O’ Shanter. We have drawn story maps marking the events of the poem using no words whatsoever. This is to give us some experience in storytelling and including lots of detail. As a side note our story maps were based on the novelisation of Tam O’ Shanter by Lari Don.


This week in P.E. we were doing more yoga and gymnastics. We are also going to be having tryouts for cross country running at the Meadows. In gymnastics we were doing cart wheels and multiple other activities (such as the straddle vault and the backward roll). In yoga we were all doing multiple poses at the same time such as” the downward dog” and the “half lord of the fishes”.


In music we were learning how to play Auld Lang Syne on the glockenspiel in pairs. We were given more freedom to continue further. Everyone seemed to enjoy the lesson and get the hang of the song and notes. 

Louis and Harry