Primary 6a Learning Log – April 2018

Primary 6 are undertaking Play Leaders Training in preparation for moving into Primary 7. The trainers from Smart Play had them out utilising all the loose parts play equipment and thinking about how they could lead this.

We made the most of the nicer weather this week by getting outside for art. We were sketching the tenement flats to add to our art work. It’s so much better to sketch from real life rather than a picture.

March 2018

Our Ancient Greek Vases are all finished now and are up on display in the hallway. They took quite a long time to make. We started with balloons and papier mache – it took a few layers! Then we painted them orange before adding our designs.  We had looked at pictures of Ancient Greek vases and read about the designs – like using the Olympic themes.IMG_0955IMG_0956IMG_0960IMG_0961IMG_0962IMG_0963IMG_0964IMG_0965IMG_0966IMG_0967IMG_0968IMG_0969IMG_0970IMG_0971IMG_0972IMG_0974IMG_0975IMG_0976IMG_0977IMG_0978IMG_0979IMG_0980IMG_0981

P6a Learning Log – January/February 2018

We have had a really busy term in P6a so far. We have been working on both 3D shapes, triangles and time in maths. We have produced our own Scots poems as well as learning to recite the work of Rabbie Burns for our Scots week. We also had a visit from the author Lari Don, and she spoke to us about her work and how to write a chase scene. We have really been enjoying our Ancient Greek topic and listening to, and creating our own Greek myths. Learning about life in Ancient Greece has also been interesting. In PE we have been doing gymnastics. In the pictures below you see us in gymnastics, as well as starting our papier mache greek vases and enjoying a visit from Generation Science.

P6a Learning Log – 15th December 2017

This week in P6a we have been very busy. Here’s what we have been up to.

Christmas Party – it was very good and we liked doing the games – Pass the Parcel, Musical Arms and Christmas Corners. Everyone was good at the social dancing. We danced the Gay Gordons, the Virginia Reel and the Canadian Barn Dance. People had cool clothes on.
Christmas Stories – this week we finished writing our Christmas stories and read them to Primary 1 children. We made Christmas pictures with them and they were very good at drawing and they really enjoyed the stories.
2d Shape – this went really well as everyone is starting to really understand it. We made 2d irregular and regular pentagons and hexagons using art straws. When we finished our jotter work we got to use 2d shapes to make a Christmas cards as a follow up activity. We have been looking at different types of triangles and their properties – isosceles, scalene, right angled and equilateral. We are ready for more of a challenge with these!
Christmas adverts – we watched the John Lewis advert about Moz the Monster and then we had to design our own monsters for an advert and describe them.

by Taba, Arnold & Alasdair.

P6a Learning Log – 8th December 2017

This week in P6a we have been very busy. Here is a review of our week.

Maths – in our new shape work we were doing parallel and perpendicular line and it was challenging at first. By the end people knew what they were doing.
Big Writing – we were doing Christmas themed writing using paragraphs and we had a plan to follow. We made pictures to go with the stories because we are going to tell our stories to the Primary 1s.
Scottish Country Dancing – we did well as we have not had time for other practices so far. We were all sensible about holding hands and we did really well. We did the Gay Gordons, the Canadian Barn Dance and the Virginia Reel.
Class Novel – we have been making a Fairy Book of commandments using secret codes based on our novel ‘Artemis Fowl’. The codes have been fun.
IDL – we made a timeline of events in Space Exploration. We found information on a website and had to put it in order and say what had happened.

By Scott, Nicole, Morgan & Ellie S.

P6a Learning Log – 24th November 2017

What is going well in P6a?

PE Dance – doing the haka. The haka is meant to intimidate. It’s about power and control. It has helped New Zealand to become a great rugby team. Mrs McLaughlin showed us a mini haka and we performed it to music.
Maths – Squares enjoyed doing the halving and doubling of large numbers using partitioning.
Circles worked very well on multiplication using different strategies.
Triangles also worked on multiplication this week, including on the ipads.
This week for angle we had to draw angles of given sizes.
Art – we have been busy making magnets to sell at the Christmas Fair. We hope to sell them for a profit. The classroom is already becoming glittery and it’s still November!
PE – football with Hibs coaches went well. The girls and boys went separately.

by Cameron, Ellie C. and Sam

P6a Learning Log – 17 November 2017

What is going well in P6a?
Cinema – Goosebumps was a good movie. It was a treat to go with school to the cinema. We are writing a movie review for the film.

Art – it was good art about our topic. We have made Mexican folk art, the sun and the moon using dark and light colours and line.

Outdoor learning – we drew and measured our own angles in the playground using large protractors.

Maths –  Squares were doing large addition, using th,h,t,u and exchange.
–  Circles were doing multiplication and arrays.
– Triangles were using their knowledge of number bonds to add and subtract much larger numbers.

PE – football offered different levels of challenge as some of us play regularly and for teams and some of us are new to football. Despite this we were able to play in mixed ability teams and support each other and show good sportsmanship. Miss Binnie was very pleased with us.

by Aiden, Bailey and Trinity.