P6a Learning Log – 17 November 2017

What is going well in P6a?
Cinema – Goosebumps was a good movie. It was a treat to go with school to the cinema. We are writing a movie review for the film.

Art – it was good art about our topic. We have made Mexican folk art, the sun and the moon using dark and light colours and line.

Outdoor learning – we drew and measured our own angles in the playground using large protractors.

Maths –  Squares were doing large addition, using th,h,t,u and exchange.
–  Circles were doing multiplication and arrays.
– Triangles were using their knowledge of number bonds to add and subtract much larger numbers.

PE – football offered different levels of challenge as some of us play regularly and for teams and some of us are new to football. Despite this we were able to play in mixed ability teams and support each other and show good sportsmanship. Miss Binnie was very pleased with us.

by Aiden, Bailey and Trinity.

P6a Learning Log – 27th October 2017

Our week in P6a

IDL – our Natural Disasters topic went well. I liked when we made the posters and the volcanoes that erupted. Learning what went in the volcanoes was interesting.
Our new topic is space. We were learning mnemonics to memorize the planets and their order.
Maths – angles. When I figured out how to use the protractor it became easier. We are going to do more work on angles and using the protractor correctly will help us.
We refreshed our memories on the different types of angles – obtuse, acute, right angle and reflex.
Novel – we finished the novel ‘Wonder’ and it was very good. It was sad, happy and very emotional at times. Our new novel is called Artemis Fowl by Eoin Colfer. We’ve just started but already have a lot of questions about it. It is very different from Wonder. We are working on making our own 3D book covers of our personal favourite novels.

Our highlights this week were the Halloween Disco and PE.

We would like to do some writing soon where we choose our own themes and ideas.

Ellie S./Morgan/Nicole

P6a Learning Log, 29th September 2017

Blog by Kieran, Ellie C., Sam and Cameron

This week in P6a we have been very busy.

PE – we started fitness this week. We were jumping onto the blocks at one of the stations. It was more of a challenge to do it without using your hands. We got quite sweaty because we were working so hard. The amount of stamina people have built up is pretty impressive.
Maths – people have been focused and taking their work seriously. Multiplying and dividing by a 100 and a 1000 has been a challenge and the rocket challenges are good. Continuing with money and making Tesco receipts has been really fun.
Reading – getting a new reading book has been good and we can’t wait to read them. Our class novel Wonder is a really good book. It’s annoying when we finish on a cliffhanger!
IDL – learning about earthquakes was good. We carried out an earthquake drill and had to go under the tables. We found it fun to do but in other parts of the world this is their daily life and drills are important.

P6a Learning Log, 15th September 2017

What is going well in P6a?

Art – making the indian elephant rugs. Everybody made intricate patterns using line and colour. (Maisie)

RME – it was fun to find out different things we’ve not learnt before and it was fun to find out about the Five Pillars of Islam. (Paige)

Adverbs – I liked teaming up with my partner as we were both finding out different things and changing the adverbs and verbs in sentences. (Mia) We watched a powerpoint on the smartboard and had to complete different questions from it with our partners. (Paige)

Maths – subtracting numbers was good. We used number lines and drew our own number lines. (Claire) When we learning about money and budgets we made our own menus with a partner and we planned a meal. We had to find out the prices of the ingredients on the Tesco website and then total the costs and see what changes we had. We had £10 to feed 4 people. (Paige/Mia) My group had a menu card for a cafe and we had to add up what we would order for £5. Then we had £10 to order food for a friend as well, for 2 people. (Maisie)

Natural Disasters – it was good to work with different people. It was fun to do research and taking note to find out new things. Claire was good at finding facts and reading them out from her book. (Claire)

P6a Learning Log 22nd September 2017

We have been busy in Primary 6a this week.

Maths – we were learning how negative numbers worked. We had to work with temperatures and lift floors to solve problems with negative numbers. We had to order negative numbers. (Aiden)
We were really good at using the empty numberline to add and subtract. Everyone passed their assessment well. (Bailey)

In topic maths we continued with money. We were planning our meals using menus and websites. We then made receipts to show our shopping, including working out the totals and change.
Art – we designed Christmas cards. We all did different designs and we all finished them to a high standard. People used chalks, felt pens, collage and pencils.
Reading – we used Bloom’s questions that we made last week to explore our reading books. Tasks included drawing and labelling things from the stories, describing parts and characters, finding information and predicting.

We are feeling sad that our friend and classmate Ekhlass is leaving us but we wish her well at her new school.

P6a Learning Log – 1st September 2017

Art – I was happy with my work on the Major Tom astronaut art. I was proud of how it turned out with my shading skills and drawing skills. (Ellie Sc)
Maths – using the arrays and counting in different jumps was good this week. I was successful. (Nicole)
Big Writing – I wrote 4 pages on my Major Tom story. I used good vocabulary and I made sure that it made sense. (Scott)
Badminton – we have doing well with rallies and playing a doubles team helped as if you couldn’t get the shuttlecock your partner could. (Morgan)
Wonder – we made positive posters where we all wrote positives comments about everyone in our class. It made everyone feel happy. (Nicole)

2 Stars

PE – Badminton & Art


To engage in discussions with Miss Binnie


P6a Learning Log, 25th August 2017

In P6 we have been learning –
PE – people are getting better at serving and rallying in badminton. People are being more careful and more accurate with their shots.
Reading – our class novel ‘Wonder’ by R.J. Palacio is really good. It is very detailed and you can picture the story and characters in your head. It is a bit of a sad book. We were able to write August’s diary by imagining we were him.
Handwriting – people are getting the join better than last year and are writing neatly.
Big Writing – Kung Fu punctuation refreshes your brain. We had to carry on a story about ‘The Beast’ and use VCOP in our writing.
Maths – we have been revising skills in multiplication and division. We were pleased do revise division. We also worked on missing addends and ENLs.

What could be better?
More time on art and more art work.

Pupil Choice/Evaluation

Pop Art – we made designs using Pop Art to display WOW words. We watched a video from the Tate.
PE – as above.

We would like challenges in maths this year.

by Cameron, Kieran, Ellie S. and Sam