HT Blog 7 9.3.18


Welcome back after an unexpected ‘snow day’ holiday!  Thank you again for your community team spirit and support in clearing the snow.  This severe weather closure has highlighted the importance of ensuring we have the most updated contact phone numbers. Please see our office staff if you need to update your details. Thank you. Continue reading “HT Blog 7 9.3.18”

Lagganlia Camp Day2 (updated)

So the children all slept well last night, so all good! The staff well…sleeping in a bunk bed was a new experience form some of them!

They were offered a breakfast of cereal, toast and a hot roll. Then it was time to collect their items for packed lunches and set off to meet their group for their activities.

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Lagganlia Day 1

So after a quick lunch in the lunch hall it was off to find their lodges and more importantly to ‘bag’ the top or bottom bunk. Then the challenge was to put the duvet cover and pillow case on…some of the children found this a challenge! In pairs they managed to put the sheets on mattresses (although some where inside out!) then they unpacked.

Later the children met their group leaders, agreed some group rules and chatted about shared expectations for the week.  Then it was some free time… the children set off to explore Lagganlia grounds, play and catch up with their friends.

After a home cooked dinner, the children had a scavenger hunt. All too soon… (for the children)…it was time to get ready for bed, and time, to eventually get to sleep!

What will tomorrow bring?

Hermitage Park Primary School open on Monday 5 March

Latest Update

I am able to confirm we will welcome back our children and staff to school on Monday 5 March. I would like to thank our Janitor (Graham), all the parents, carers and volunteers who braved the cold, to support our ‘Hermie Snow Party’! What a fantastic team spirit was demonstrated, as we shovelled and cleared the snow. This effort was very much appreciated.



City of Edinburgh Council latest update, 2.30pm, 4 March 2018  

School Closures

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P6 Lagganlia Camp

P6 Camp  Monday 5th to Friday 9th March

We have contacted the Lagganlia Centre and the coach company today to reconsider our risk assessments, our plans are in place for Camp to go ahead on Monday.  If by Monday there are changes to the weather conditions, MET Office weather warnings, CEC Council instruction or Lagganlia’s or the coach company’s risk assessments, a decision will be made then about any changes we need to make.  Continue reading “P6 Lagganlia Camp”