P3a Learning Log Friday 11th May

This week in maths we had a number line and put halves and quarters in the right places.

In health and wellbeing we coloured in a person and wrote lots about how to stay healthy. We said we need lots of sleep, exercise, healthy food and we need to keep clean.

In topic we put parts of the human body onto Kendyll in the right places!

In literacy we learnt about comparative adjectives and wrote sentences. Here are some examples: I’m happier than Tymi because he lost his beautiful girlfriend! I’m the quietest in the class.

I need to get better at spelling. (Erskine)

I need to get better at writing more. (Dan)

P3a Learning Log 27th April 2018

This week we made skeletons and we learnt about the human body.

We learnt about fractions: halves,quarters and wholes.

In maths we also learnt two digits take away one digit.

In literacy we learnt about collective nouns like a swarm of bees or pack of wolves.

In P-E we did athletics. We learnt how to run fast,jump high and throw further.

I am getting better at my mental maths. (Zoe)

I am getting better at my spelling. (Florence)

Practising our skeleton dance:

Clapping in time to the beat with the NYCOS teacher:

Number of the day:

Do you like our skeletons?

Zoe and Florence

P3a Learning Log 20th April 2018

This week in maths we learnt that a fraction is a part of a whole. We played games with halves and quarters.

In literacy we learnt about collective nouns like a bunch of roses and we did a worksheet

We were practising the Skeleton dance and we liked it.

We did art too. The art was painting fruit and we were all good at it.

We learnt about the body and how many bones we have.

We were practising the fruit song and we did a good job.

We need to get better at spelling.

We need to get better at our listening.

We need to get better at our behaviour.

Rory and Jackson

Learning songs and rhythms with the NYCOS lady.

Number of the day:

Practising cursive handwriting:

Rory and Jackson

P3a Learning Log 23rd March 2018

On Thursday we went to Edinburgh castle and we saw the one o’clock gun. We went down to the prison cells and we got scared. We learnt that there are crown jewels at the castle. We also saw a parade and a plane flew over. After that we went to see Greyfriars Bobby and his gravestone. It was fun but cold.

Today we all came dressed up for World Book Day. I was the worst witch and Amy was Hermione Granger. We all read bits from our favourite stories. I really liked reading my story. We’re getting better at reading.

In literacy we’re learning about Proper nouns. We watched a video about ‘The Lighthouse’ and we had to retell the story in a cartoon.

I’m getting better at maths but I still need to be quicker. (Amy)

I’d like to get better at the reading book worksheets. (Florence)

Amy and Florence

Our Edinburgh Castle trip on Thursday:

Buddies Afternoon:

Cartoons of the story ‘The Lighthouse’

Spelling check up:

All dressed up for World Book Day:

Amy and Florence:

P3a Learning Log 15th March

This week in art we drew a Charles Rennie Mackintosh picture and it was fun.

This week in maths we played a fun game and it was about graphs. We had to answer questions by pressing on the correct bar.

In spelling we wrote our words and wrote three sentences and I wrote my words in alphabetical order.

This week in topic we went to the library and looked up facts about John Logie Baird.

We also learnt about different Scottish foods that we haven’t seen before like tablet, cranachan and stovies. The teacher says they’re all delicious.

I need to get better at the maths starter. (Mohab)

I need to get better at using more adjectives. (Dan)

Dan and Mohab

Do you like our Charles Rennie Macintosh chairs?

Learning about Scottish food

Working together on poems about Scotland

Spelling practice

Homework presentations

Mohab and Dan

P3a Learning Log 8th March 2018

This week in maths we learnt about picture graphs called pictograms.

This week in literacy we learnt about sentences and that sentences must have verbs, capital letters and full stops. We also learnt when to use question marks and exclamation marks at the end of sentences.

This week in maths we did a new maths starter and we timed ourselves.

In topic we learnt about traditional Scottish clothing like the kilt, brogues, jabot and sgian dubh.

I need to get better at spelling and Nina needs to get better at using capital letters.

Courtney and Nina

Homework Presentations:

Maths starter:

Learning about traditional Scottish clothing

Nina and Courtney