P6b Learning Log w.c. 23.4.18

Jonny’s Learning Log

This week our co-operative learning was good because everyone tried hard, they all worked much better together and everything went well. Most people did all their jobs plus there were no arguments.

I enjoyed coding because it was good teamwork and you needed lots of concentration to write the set of instructions. It was really good fun especially when I was one of the robots.


I think everyone was well at rugby because  everybody put loads of effort in and many people didn’t even play rugby but everyone was really good.

Next week I hope everybody tries harder in daily mile because some people are just slouching about and some other people aren’t even stopping at all, so more people need to do that.

This week, what I really found fun was the final time with our PE leaders from Leith Academy. We did a mini champions’ league and I got touch of the tournament and I scored a couple good goals.

P6b Learning Log w.c.16.4.18

On Tuesday we were making up games for us to play with the younger children when we become Play Leaders next year. We have to do training for 12 weeks but if we miss a week they will keep us up to date. You can make drums or you can make tents and all kinds of things.

I did not like song practice this week because we had music straight after. We were singing songs and handing out certificates. In music we were playing the samba drums.

In maths we were learning about time, finishing off corrections and learning a shortcut to adding on 9. Some other children practised division with remainders and addition of four-digit numbers.

We listened really well and enjoyed watching the Odysseus video. In our co-operative learning groups we’re working hard on our presentations for next week. Each group is researching and presenting a different topic on Ancient Greece to the class so that we can learn from each other.

P6b Learning Log w.c. 19.3.18

Luke’s Learning Logimage

In topic we created some incredible artwork. Everyone tried really hard and they are so interesting.

We have put PostIts out for people to comment on our work. We’ve had some really nice comments.

imageIn Buddy Time we helped them by reading books and some buddies read to us. Everyone  was listening so well.

In P.E. we played with a parachute. We played two games. The first one was Fruit Salad. In Fruit Salad there are four teams. Team one is Apple, team two is Strawberry, team three is Blueberry and team four is Banana. One person calls out a team and the other teams must throw the parachute up in the air and the team that is called runs under and finds an empty place. When the caller says Fruit Salad, everyone throws the parachute up in the air and runs under. The second game was to get a beanbag in the hole in the middle.



P6b Learning Log w.c. 15.1.18

Alice’s Learning Log

In P.E we did gymnastics . We were working on our handstands, I think I gained confidence when I was upside down. We had 5 stations that we worked on and all of them helped us build strength in different ways. On one station we jumped on to a beam then bunny hopped or cart wheeled off.

We started our Ancient Greece topic. This week we learned about democracy because it started in Ancient Greece . They had three types of democracy in Greece, they were:

The ekklesia

In the ekklesia all men were allowed to vote. Out of 40,000 men, 5,000 men attended regularly .

The boule

A group of 500 men discussed what decisions would go to the ekklesia. These men were chosen at random and were part of the boule for one year.

The dikasteria

The  dikasteria was a court, 500 jurors who were men over 30 years old. These men where chosen at random. They decided on the punishments for different crimes.

P6b Learning Log

Nereea’s Learning Log

This week we did Drama. We used our masks and made a Greek play. It could be a comedy, a tragedy or a satire. Satire is when you make fun of everyday situations.

We did more Drama in Spanish. We had to act out different emotions and use the Spanish words to say what they were.

In maths my group were learning to read and write different times.

We also started to write a chase story. My story will be scary and exciting!

P6b Learning Log w.c. 22.1.18

Jonny’s  Learning Log

I think this week I did well learning a Scots poem because I tried really hard. My poem I learnt the whole poem off by heart and I got chosen to read mine out in Assembly.

In ICT I got lots of  facts about Ancient Greek artefacts and I saw lots of different artefacts and my artefact I chose was a Greek vase. Next time I will  find out even more facts and we are going to use this information to help us in out art projec.Next week I want to get better at daily mile because I was talking lots but I will get much better by not talking.

I really enjoyed our novel Percy Jackson and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

We had a visit from Lari Don, whose daughters used to come to Hermitage Park. Lari has written lots of fantastic children’s books and she gave us lots of tips on how to improve our writing. We made up a chase sequence together and next week we are going to try writing our own chase sequences.


P6b Learning Log w.c. 8.1.18

Calum’s Learning Log.

This week I learned that it’s better to wait if your dad or your mum gave you a marshmallow and they go away for five minutes and they said you’d get two marshmallowsif you don’t eat it. It’s better to wait  because it’s worth it.

Next week I will get better at daily mile and get my stamina better.

This week I enjoyed PE because in gymnastics  we were climbing.

We thought about New Year resolutions and turned them into positive affirmations, then we learned a New Year song and choreographed our own dances to it.


We also had money workshops provided by MyBnk. We learned that what we need and what we want are not always the same thing. We need to budget to work out how much we need to spend and how much we have left for other things. It was very interesting, we had fun and we worked hard in our groups.


P6b Learning Log w.c. 11.12.17

Anushka’s Learning Log w.c. 11.12.17

This week I learned how to do planet research. Alice and I really tried our best to find out more about Haumea and we learned a lot, like when it was discovered and what it is made of.

I enhoyed Christmas carol singing in Lochend Hub. I really enjoyed it because the adults were singing with us. It was really exciting how they got to sing too. We had a challenge to see who would win, the adults or the children. The children won by 2 votes to 1!

I could get better at Maths as it was hard to remember all the points of the compass.

We went carol singing at Lochend Hub. The people there said that we were great. The adults looked like they were enjoying singing as much as we were. We used bell shakers and Mr. Craighead played his guitar. We all had fun!


We had our Christmas Party on Thursday. We played games, had a snack and did three Scottish Country Dances!