P1b Learning Log 12.06.17

What is going well?

“I like counting up to 30.” – Theo

“I liked sports day! I liked doing the races.” – Erika

“I like going in the home corner.” – Paul

“I like doing Pupil Voice because we get to talk about what has been going well at school.” – Logan

“I liked making cards.” – Kayla

“I liked doing the sack race on sports day.” – Sophia

“I liked sports day because I took the spoon and put an egg on it then walked!” – Zilan

“I liked doing the running race.” – Klaudia

“I like doing milk and story because milk is healthy.” – Kaede

“I liked doing drawings.” – Ellis

“I liked making cards for Father’s Day.” – Ibraheem

“I like doing Literacy because I like getting stuff right.” – Theo

Next week we would like to do some junk modelling!

P1b Learning Log 5.6.17

What is going well?

“I liked doing maths because we counted in 2s.” – Erika

“I liked learning to count in 10s.” – Sophia

“I like practising for sports day in gym because I like being fit.” – Alex

“I like doing Learning Log because I get to hear what everyone else wants to do.” – Nicholas

“I like doing Literacy.” – Klaudia

“I liked counting up to 50!” – Theo

“I liked doing a bar chart of our favourite fruit. Strawberry got the most!” – Logan

“I liked writing my All About Me book.” – Jack

“The tasting thing was good. There was coffee and lemon.” – Kaede

“I liked smelling different cups. My favourite was coconut.” – Laukya

“I like playing Fuzz Bugs on the smart board.” – Humza

“I liked playing on the computer.” – Layla

“I like EPIC on the ipad.” – Tristan

Next week we hope sports day goes well, we want to play new games on the iPads and we want to keep practising our counting!

P1b Learning Log 29.5.17

What is going well?

“In maths we counted Lego and made a bar chart.” – Ellis

“I liked counting in 2s.” – Ibraheem

“We painted sunflowers using our fingers.” – Aidan

“I like playing on the computers to learn the ‘sh’ sound like ‘shop’.” – Layla

“I liked learning about Vincent van Gogh. He was born a long time ago.” – Erika

“He painted The Potato Eaters, Sunflowers and Starry Night.” – Sophia

“I like reading and going to the library.” – Kaede

“I liked doing the splat game in Literacy. We had ‘shoes’ and ‘ship’.” – Jaxx

“I liked painting sunflowers because Jaxx helped me!” – Kayla

“I like doing maths because we count to 100!” – Klaudia

Next week we would like to do more art, make more things for the role play area and build even more words in Literacy!

P1b Learning Log 22.05.17

What is going well?

“I’ve been eating healthy foods at lunch time.” – Kaede

“We coloured in our faces to make art like Andy Warhol.” – Alex

“I liked using different colours to make a pattern.” – Ibraheem

“Writing words outside with chalk.” – Aidan

“I liked doing circle time outside. We said what we’re good at and I am good at going on my scooter!” – Erika

“I like doing Daily Mile because we get to run around.” – Layla

“I like the basketball game in maths.” – Humza

“We were practising counting up to 10.” – Joseph

“I liked art because I drew a picture of myself.” – PJ

“I like doing numbers and ABC.” – Zilan

“I like Literacy because I work with Miss Brown and can choose lots of things.” – Ellis

“I like reading our reading books.” – Laukya

Next week we would like to do more outdoor learning if the weather is nice!

Erasmus+ trip for Modern Languages


A group of us visited France during the Easter holidays as part of the 1+2 modern language initiative.

The Scottish Government introduced the 1+2 scheme with the aim that every child will learn two languages in addition to their mother tongue. This will enable learners to become confident and competent linguists, to develop their communication skills, and to understand the international opportunities available to them. “Scottish Government’s ambition is to expand and improve language learning, by 2020, so that our young people are equipped with the skills and competencies they need in our increasingly globalised world.”

For more information on the initiative please visit:


At Hermitage Park, pupils will have the opportunity to learn French from nursery, and Spanish from Primary 5.

Miss Wilson, Miss Brown, Miss Alexander, Miss Thomson, Miss Firth, Miss Bishop and Mrs Gray were fortunate to spend a week in Lyon in April. We attended classes and engaged with French culture through excursions and group tasks. Mrs Salvona also spent a week in Spain to further develop her knowledge of Spanish language and culture.

This increased our confidence in delivering French and Spanish, and we now feel more equipped with games, songs, and fun activities to engage the children in learning a new language. We have been working on implementing some of these ideas in the classroom since we returned.

We will keep you updated with our progress in French and Spanish! Here are some photos from our trip.

Au revoir!

P1b Learning Log 8.5.17

What is going well?

“I liked our class assembly because everyone joined in the songs.” – Nicholas

“Some of our plants are starting to grow!” – Theo

“We got to go to the Botanic Gardens and we made an island for a bear.” – Logan

“We had a teddy bears’ picnic.” – Sophia

“We had a colour and we had to find something outside to match.” – Kayla

“We looked for clues to find Edward Bear the giant teddy.” – Tristan

“I liked going on a coach.” – Kaede

“I am proud of myself for the assembly.” – Alex

“I liked having my lunch outside at the Botanic Gardens.” – Caiden

“I liked the assembly because I remembered all my words.” – Isla

“We learned about 3D shapes like spheres and cubes.” – Jack

“We went on a 3D shape hunt all around the school!” – Laukya

“I liked holding my picture up in the assembly.” – Zilan

Next week we would like to do more maths outside, learn more about plants and practise our activities for sports day!