Learning Log – Ella & Cole P7b

This week we learned how to use Powerpoint. We used our imagination to create a powerpoint based on our class novel Holes by Louis Sachar. We give it a 5/5.

This we learned about new kinds of shapes. We found it a bit difficult because we did not understand some of the words like ‘arrowhead’.

This week we enjoyed art, we made Christmas cards. Ella’s one had ‘nollaig Chirdheil’, that’s Merry Christmas is Gaelic. Cole’s one had snowmen on it. We give it 1000000/5.

Our targets are to try not to get distracted in class and to always try our best!

By Ella & Cole

P7b Learning Log – 25/8/17

This week in P.E I learned how to throw and catch a shuttlecock, I was practising my accuracy. I also learned about how to be ready to move to receive the ball and serve it back to a partner.

I also learned about different types of angles in maths. The different types of angles are acute, right, obtuse and reflex!

My favourite part of this week was practising badminton in P.E!

By Bailey.

Human Body Leaflets – P3b!

This week we were learning about informative writing and had a look at the different types of information that leaflets can tell us about. We have also been learning about the human body so we decided to choose a part of the body, research some facts using the iPads and then put this information into our leaflets. We made sure to include a clear title, some information and some pictures to match! Hopefully we can share them with others and help them learn some new information!