1+2 Modern Languages Curriculum Evening

We held a 1+2 curriculum evening to inform the school community about our recent trips to France and Spain. During the evening parents, carers and children had the opportunity to visit different stations and discuss activities we learnt about on our trips and then had the opportunity to try them out themselves. Thank you to those who came along to discuss the activities that we had on show. Below are some quotes from parents and carers who attended;

“Great to see all the interesting and interactive ways of teaching languages.”

“Fantastic stuff, really impressed. Keep up the good work.”

“Lots of fun resources and games that must make learning easier.”

“Great to see the variety of teaching methods being used in the classroom to engage the children.”

P5a – outdoor literacy

We were finishing off our learning about apostrophes by having a contraction competition outside! We had two lists and had to make as many contractions that we could. It was great fun and we all enjoyed trying to beat each other. The winning pair were Oliver and Milo with 45, Marcus and Morgan had 40 and came second, Mia and Maisie came third with 34! Great work everyone. 

P5a – Trip to the City Chambers

As part of our Democracy fortnight we got the chance to visit the City Chambers. We found out lots of interesting things. Did you know there is over 500 rooms in the building? Parts of the building are very old and other parts are around 200 years old. On the statue outside in the courtyard the horse has got pig ears. 

Here are some photos of us enjoying the trip.

P5a – Learning Log 1st June

Thursday 1st June 2017 This week in maths the squares have been learning about function machines and how they work and the circles have been answering place value questions. 

In literacy/reading Awesomelightningfairysaurs did literature circles I did connector. 

In topic we discovered what happens in the city chambers. 

Morgan – I think PE went really well. I think literacy could of gone better.Im looking forward to playing ROBLOX at the weekend. 

Nicole-I think maths went well. I am looking forward to my dancing. 

P5a – Learning Log 25th May

Scott and Alasdair

This week in maths we have been learning about Function machines and using them to challenge our partners and using multiplication sums to see how well you know them we think it went well. 
In literacy we have been doing work on using lots of word patterns to help us spell different words we think it could have gone better.   

We think topic went well because the plant experiment is really cool and fun rather than being boring and not just writing in our jotters. 

We think PE could have gone better because we didn’t get in the obstacle courses or the competitive races or anything we really wanted to do this year for sports day. 

We are really looking forward to the summer holidays because it will be fun.