P2/1 Learning Log 8.12.17

What is going well?

Isla – Doing Christmas arts and crafts

Erika – When we took the vowels out our names was fun

Faye – Scottish dancing

Yasmin – making our nativity, singing the songs

 Carrie – the y sound

Jack – Magic e sounds with u

Paul – homework

Logan D – learning the letter y

Ellis – the magic e with u words

Alex – being the band for nativity


What could be better?

Logan R – learning magic e words

Sarah – Scottish dancing

Theo – tally marks could be better

Caiden – making more things

Tristan – doing more nativity shows

David – learning the y sound

This week we enjoyed eating our christmas dinner at school.

P2/1 Learning Log 30.11.17

What is going well?

David – doing our worksheets, the ones when we were learning the qu sound

Sarah – clapping in music

Alex – picking magic e words out of a sentence

Aidan – when I was getting speedy at football and I scored

Jack – at football I may have lost but I still got to score a goal that was good

Erika – singing nativity songs

Ellis – My speaking part in the Nativity is going well

Logan R – I got beat at football but I got the football on my chest which was good

Caiden – turning the music on and off (in the nativity practice)


What could be better?

Carrie – I want to work on mental maths

Yasmin – it was hard to do my qu worksheet

Faye – mental maths could be better

Isla – the worksheet where we read the sentences and filled in the magic e words was a bit tricky

Kayla – learning oi words could be better

Theo – the football could be even harder

Tristan – learning about mental maths

This week we really enjoyed hibs coaches teaching us football. Next week we would like to go on more adventures.

P2/1 Learning Log 24/11/17

Weekly Review: Week Beginning – 20th Nov 2017

What is going well?

Alex – making moon phase boxes

Logan D – sumdog

Ellis – the penalty shoot out with hibs coach Sean

Paul – playing in the space station

Theo – more challenge in maths

Tristan – building models with junk

Jack –getting to see inside the box with the moon so you could see it from different directions

Erika – football, I liked it when we had to look behind us then kick the ball backwards

Isla – making things out of junk

Faye- learning the sound V


What could be better?

Logan R – practice tricky sums

Yasmin – learning some tricky words

Sarah – counting to 100

Carrie – working on tricky words

This week we really enjoyed learning football skills with Hibs and Music.

P1a Learning Log – June

Week Beginning 12/6/17

What is going well?

Harris – “making father’s day cards”

Seth – “meeting the new teacher”

Alex – “doing circle time”

Ali –“doing cards”

Magda – “sports day”

Lenny – “maths, counting in 2’s”

Sean – “ counting in French”

Hannah – when we did the running race in sports day”

Joe – “doing the obstacle race in sports day”

Brandon – “doing sports day, the sack race”

What could be better?

 Emilia – “writing th words”

Elle – “writing in our cards”

Jay –“trying to learn new sounds”

Tia – “learning about the th sound”

Luo Lin – doing the sack race”

Adrian – “consonant blends, nk/ng”

This week we really enjoyed meeting our new teacher and doing sports day.


Week Beginning 5/6/17

What is going well?

Magda – “running for sports day”

Elle – “ folding stuff in half” to make fractions

Harris – “doing Fractions”

Hannah – “writing sentences”

Finlay – “learning the ft sound”

Emilia – “egg and spoon race”

Joe –“number bonds up to 10”

Kshitiz –“counting backwards from 20”

What could be better?

Adrian – “the consonant blends”

Tia – “counting up to 30”

Sean – “the mp sound”

Jay – “learning tricky sounds”

Seth – “counting to 100”

Luo Lin – “doing maths, counting in tens

Lenny –“learning the rk sound”

Alex – “learning about senses, ears”