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For children to achieve and reach their full potential at school it is very important for them to attend school and be on time.

The routine and learning for the day is set at the very start of the school day and therefor it is very important for pupils to be there to get the best chance to succeed.

Please follow this link to see Miss Bishop share important information with Primary 4 at the start of their day.  This helps the class to prepare for their day ahead.

Please let the school know as soon as possible if you child will not be attending on any given day.

Attending school 91% – 100% of the time gives your child the best chance of success.

A 90% attendance rate is below avarage and it starts to become harder for your child to progress.

An 85% attendance rate has serious implications on your child’s chances on success.  They find it harder to maintain friendship and it becomes difficult to catch up with work.  A child with below 85% attendance can be referred to the Education Welfare Service.


A 70% attendance is unacceptable. This means they have missed a whole term of school and can find it extremely difficult to catch up with work.  There is an increased risk of social isolation and it becomes harder to succeed in mainstream education.  There is a risk of legal action against parent / carers which may result in prosecution.