P6 – Our Dynamic Earth Trip and Samba Parade

We went to Dynamic Earth to learn about how to be more eco friendly. We did a workshop and each group got to move round and do all the activities. The activities were:

1) Looking at plastics through a microscope

2) Mini Beach Clean

3) Food Cycle: plastic – plankton – shrimp – cod – humans

4) Identifying which recycled products were made from which materials

5) Identifying how long different materials take to decompose

After we had completed the workshop we did the rest of  the Dynamic Earth tour. It’s a different way to learn about things and we learn a lot about our planet and why we need to look after it.

We also had our Samba Parade this week, with Mr. Craighead, which was fun. We have been working on rhythm in our music lesson and enjoyed letting the whole school hear what we have learned.

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