Pupil Voice- p4b w/b 23.04.18

Weekly Review       Week Beginning – 23rd April 2018   Class – P4b

Our topic this term is ‘Scottish Art History’ and we will be learning about art from Eduardo Paolozzi, Alison Watt, Jack Vettriano, Sir Henry Raeburn and Samuel John Peploe. The children are currently undertaking research on a selected artist and will be working in a group to create a poster presentation to their peers. We will then move onto creating our own (artist inspired) artwork.

If you have any books or resources related to any of these artists we would love to share these in class (and return).

 What is going well?

I enjoy learning about…


Jude- “I liked doing races in P.E for sports day.”


Mark and Cayden- “Something I enjoyed was daily mile and Music.”


Thea- “Something I enjoys was creating collages because I added lots of pop stars to mine!”


Amelie- “I enjoyed learning about chimney sums in maths.”


Josh- “I enjoyed reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I liked how Charlie went from poor and wanting all the sweets to rich and getting all the sweets!”


Lucas- “I enjoyed researching Alison Watt, the artist, on the computers.”


Jamie- “I enjoyed doing the collages because on mine there is a big explosion.”


Makadi- “I enjoyed doing the spelling tasks in literacy.”


Meadow- “I enjoyed doing the collages with Miss Provencio.”

What could be better?


I want to improve…


Alex D- “I would like to improve on my cursive handwriting.”


Ava- “I would like to improve on my story writing.”


Darin- “I would like to improve my cursive handwriting.”


Jamie- “I would like to improve on finishing textbook tasks.”


Ruairi- “I would like to improve on chimney sums.”


Vanshika- “I would also like to improve on my chimney sums and use higher numbers.”


Josh- “I would like to get better at cursive handwriting.”


Mark- “I would like to improve at maths.”


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