P3b Learning Log 23.04.18-27.04.18

What is going well?

I liked learning abour fractions in maths. I learned about halves and quarters. –Brandyn

I liked sprinting for sports day practice-Josie

I liked doing hurdles in p.e. –Polly

I have been learning about bones in our body. –Julia

I liked making a model of the skeleton. -Eloisa


What could be better?

I would like to learn about how a baby grows in a mum’s tummy.  -Severijus

I want to learn more skeleton dances.–Casey

I would like to make a model of Funny Bones’ house. –Karly

I would like to make a whole class giant skeleton and label the parts.  –Maurice

I would like to draw around our bodies and draw the organs inside it. –Sadie

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