Pupil Voice wb 17.04.18 P4b

Weekly Review       Week Beginning – 16th April 2018    Class – P4b

What is going well?

I enjoy learning about…

Mya & Ruairi- “I enjoyed learning about living, never lived and previously lived things in science.”

Jude- “I enjoyed learning athletics in P.E”

Darin- “I enjoyed reading outside.”

Thea- “I liked creating collages.”

Alex D- “I loved daily mile.”

What could be better?

I want to improve…

Ava- “I want to improve on THTU in maths.”

Kyle- “Im going to try hard with summarizing my reading.”

Emma- “I want to improve my mental maths.”

Lucas- “I want to improve on my speed of mental maths.”

Pupil Choice/Evaluation

We liked Science, Math’s, P.E and Art this week.

We would like to work on developing our math’s and earning more golden time.

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