P3b Learning Log 17.04.18-20.04.18

What is going well?

This week I have been learning about halves and quarters in maths.     -Maurice

I have learned how to sprint really fast in P.E. –Polly

We started planning our human body topic and we learned a little bit about the heart.   –Severijus

I learned that our body is covered in skin and that we have tiny hairs on our skin.  –Laila

In maths I learned how to play a new 5 times table game. –Bailey G


What could be better?

I want to do label the parts of a human body in our topic work. –Daisy

I want to make our own blood/slime in science–Eloisa

Next week I would like to make a model of a skeleton. –Oskar

I want to do experiments like making blood for our human body topic. –Luci

I would like to make a model of the human body next week. –Sadie

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