Pupil Voice-23.3.18, p4b

What is going well?

I enjoy learning about…

Fletcher- I enjoyed doing a test on Data Handling.

Josh- I enjoyed learning about the water of Leith.

Kyle- I enjoyed painting birds with water colours.

Alex D- I enjoyed writing my story on the computer.

Thea- I enjoyed the ICT suite.

Ruairidh- I enjoyed learning about Leith.

Jude- I enjoyed Data Handling.

What could be better?


I want to improve…

Josh- I would like to get better at swimming, diving.

Jude- I would like to improve my Spanish as I’m struggling with the days of the week.

Meadow- I want to get better at Spanish as I’m going to Spain in the summer.

Darin- I would like to improve going under water within swimming.

Mya- I would like to learn to improve my diving in swimming.

Kyle- I would like work on Data Handling.

Thea- I would like to improve my writers craft.

Pupil Choice/Evaluation

I liked learning Data Handling.

I liked learning about the Water of Leith.

I would like to improve my swimming strokes.


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