P3a Learning Log 23rd March 2018

On Thursday we went to Edinburgh castle and we saw the one o’clock gun. We went down to the prison cells and we got scared. We learnt that there are crown jewels at the castle. We also saw a parade and a plane flew over. After that we went to see Greyfriars Bobby and his gravestone. It was fun but cold.

Today we all came dressed up for World Book Day. I was the worst witch and Amy was Hermione Granger. We all read bits from our favourite stories. I really liked reading my story. We’re getting better at reading.

In literacy we’re learning about Proper nouns. We watched a video about ‘The Lighthouse’ and we had to retell the story in a cartoon.

I’m getting better at maths but I still need to be quicker. (Amy)

I’d like to get better at the reading book worksheets. (Florence)

Amy and Florence

Our Edinburgh Castle trip on Thursday:

Buddies Afternoon:

Cartoons of the story ‘The Lighthouse’

Spelling check up:

All dressed up for World Book Day:

Amy and Florence:

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