P6b Learning Log w.c. 15.1.18

Alice’s Learning Log

In P.E we did gymnastics . We were working on our handstands, I think I gained confidence when I was upside down. We had 5 stations that we worked on and all of them helped us build strength in different ways. On one station we jumped on to a beam then bunny hopped or cart wheeled off.

We started our Ancient Greece topic. This week we learned about democracy because it started in Ancient Greece . They had three types of democracy in Greece, they were:

The ekklesia

In the ekklesia all men were allowed to vote. Out of 40,000 men, 5,000 men attended regularly .

The boule

A group of 500 men discussed what decisions would go to the ekklesia. These men were chosen at random and were part of the boule for one year.

The dikasteria

The  dikasteria was a court, 500 jurors who were men over 30 years old. These men where chosen at random. They decided on the punishments for different crimes.

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