P3a Learning Log 15th March

This week in art we drew a Charles Rennie Mackintosh picture and it was fun.

This week in maths we played a fun game and it was about graphs. We had to answer questions by pressing on the correct bar.

In spelling we wrote our words and wrote three sentences and I wrote my words in alphabetical order.

This week in topic we went to the library and looked up facts about John Logie Baird.

We also learnt about different Scottish foods that we haven’t seen before like tablet, cranachan and stovies. The teacher says they’re all delicious.

I need to get better at the maths starter. (Mohab)

I need to get better at using more adjectives. (Dan)

Dan and Mohab

Do you like our Charles Rennie Macintosh chairs?

Learning about Scottish food

Working together on poems about Scotland

Spelling practice

Homework presentations

Mohab and Dan

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