Nursery News

Having had a lot of fruit left over from the short week last week, Miss Burgess has been baking lots of yummy things with the children. They made banana crumble cake, banana loaf, apple rock cakes, scones and a birthday cake! The children gave some of the baking to the school staff for their break time. A couple of children had to walk to Tesco with Miss Burgess to buy more eggs and flour! Occasionally we get this great opportunity to go out with the children on a 1-2 ratio. The children helped to look for the items on the shopping list and scan the items at the till.

We have enjoyed some of the left over snow in the garden. Some of the children were using the numbers on the shed door to try and throw their snowballs, there was great competition as to who could get to the highest number!

Miss Young has been working with small groups on their pencil grip. This is something that can be practised at home too. It is important to have this correctly in place early on in your child’s development. Nursery provides lots of opportunities for the children to develop their fine motor skills such as scribbling using various media, craft activities, working with play dough and using tweezers to count objects, to name a few. Here are a few websites to help your child develop their pencil grip:

World Book Day could not be entirely missed so we had a dress up day on Thursday. Some of the pupils dressed up as pirates, a Peter Rabbit, lots of princesses and some parents kindly came in to read us a story. We really enjoyed it. If anyone would like to come in and read us one of their favourite stories then let a member of staff know. We would love for you to join us.

Finally,nursery is quite short of spare clothes. If anybody has age 3-4years trousers, t-shirts, jumpers and socks and pants. We would appreciate any donations.


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