P1b Learning Log – wb: 05/03/18


This week Millie, Lexi, Orla, Daniel and Darcy enjoyed planting and watering seeds with Miss Flockhart. They learned about how plants grow.

Millie and Sophie have enjoyed learning to do an underarm throw in P.E.   Sophie has been practising at home, too.

Darcy is pleased that the children are playing nicely in the playground and Daniel thinks that they are behaving well in the corridors, too.

Lexi always looks forwards to getting a new reading book and she enjoys practising her reading.

Orla has a favourite maths game on the smartboard.  It is the maths basketball game and we have been using it to practice adding two numbers.

We all enjoyed watching the p4 assembly.  The play was fantastic and they also sang “Three Craws”, with some new verses that they wrote themselves.  Well done p4!

Everbody enjoyed it when we got a surprise visit from a very nice lady, also known as Miss Binnie. She read “Tabby McTat” to the whole class and helped us paint some leaves to make a beanstalk.  Thanks Miss Binnie!

The class are still enjoying school, but Darcy would like to change some things in the classroom to make it look different.

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