Lagganlia Camp Thursday Update

Yesterday we woke to the sun shining outside. After a breakfast of cereal, rolls and bacon it was off to our meet our group leaders to hear what we needed for the day ahead. 

Two groups went skiing…downhill and cross country…everyone is improving at skiing even though it was hard.  Another group went off for an adventure walk, followed by canoeing (on the icy pond). Other groups were abseiling and some were improving their skills in archery, with target practice.

After another great evening meal…and, although all individual tastes have been catered for, even the fussy eaters tried something more adventurous.

The evening  activity was an exciting night time ‘night line’ game…which was great for developing teamwork and communication skills.

Here are some of the children’s highlights…

I just loved having hot chocolate pancakes while sitting on the banks of  Loch Morlich.

Hitting the bullseye and red lots in Archery.                                                                     

Everyone encouraging each other during the abseiling.                                                       

Cutting through the ice with our oars at Loch Insh.                                                                       

Making a mushroom shelter with the parachute before having hot chocolate and roasting marshmallows over a campfire.                                                                                             

Building bridges during bushcraft and cheering each other on in the tree climb.

At this moment… I’ve just heard …they have ‘finished’ packing, of course, this is after the inevitable trail down to the drying room to collect their ‘lost property’. So now they are all set for a visit to the shop,  then it’s off to dance at the disco…



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