Lagganlia Camp Day2 (updated)

So the children all slept well last night, so all good! The staff well…sleeping in a bunk bed was a new experience form some of them!

They were offered a breakfast of cereal, toast and a hot roll. Then it was time to collect their items for packed lunches and set off to meet their group for their activities.

Excited voices were heard through the still of the snowy camp, as on their way back to their  lodges the children ‘shared’ the activities they were off  to do. Some were going gorge walking, some skiing, others were doing archery on site or off cross country skiing -as it snowed a bit overnight.

I wonder who will have dry feet at the end of the morning, and who still has clean socks?

The morning was filled with skiing, archery and gorge walking! Children were wrapped up warm and were able to have a break during archery for some hot chocolate to warm up.

Please enjoy some pictures from Tuesday mornings activities!


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