P6 Lagganlia Camp

P6 Camp  Monday 5th to Friday 9th March

We have contacted the Lagganlia Centre and the coach company today to reconsider our risk assessments, our plans are in place for Camp to go ahead on Monday.  If by Monday there are changes to the weather conditions, MET Office weather warnings, CEC Council instruction or Lagganlia’s or the coach company’s risk assessments, a decision will be made then about any changes we need to make. 

Due to school being closed this week, we still need to receive some key information from a number of parents.  Please be aware that this MUST be brought into school at 8:30am on Monday, for your child to be able to go to Camp.  This includes:

  • ALL medication (including any for travel sickness prevention for the return journey)
  • Medication forms – which need to be completed for ALL medication that we need to take

All children need to arrive by 9am, with their bag ready to go into the luggage compartment of the coach, and with a separate bag (holding their packed lunch) to take onto the coach.  They should come into the Hall as planned.

I anticipate they will have a wonderful  magical week in the snow there!

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